How To Pick A Car Lock

How To Pick A Car Lock

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  1. You know how you get in a hurry some times, or even worse, a bit distracted right before you get out of your car?  Suddenly you look back at your locked car and can see the keys dangling in the ignition. You suddenly consider how much it would cost to have your window repaired should you break it to get to your keys.  However, you don’t need to worry about this because there are several ways to picka a car lock or get into your locked car.

    Needed Objects/Tools

    Getting that car door open will take a bit of skill and few tools, but it can be done.  In some cases you may have a security service you can call and they can remotely unlock your car.  If you’re not that fortunate there are three other ways to get back to your keys. 

    You will either need:

    1. A Slim Jim – a flat metal shaft with a notch in the end

    2. An Air Wedge – an inflatable wedge shape for holding the door ajar

    3. Jiggler keys – a set of randomly shaped car keys

    Slim Jim

    The Slim Jim is the most recognizable tool used to picka a car lock. Quite often police will use a Slim Jim if they are available to help you get into your locked car. 

    The tool is long and flat and can be passed into the interior of your car door to manipulate the inside mechanism and unlock it.

    1.  Insert the Slim Jim into the car door by forcing between the door frame and the insulation around the car window. 

    2. Move the Slim Jim around, usually directly below the car lock; however in newer cars the mechanism is located further from the key lock on the door.  You should be able to "feel" inside the door where the sliding bolt is in a locked position.

    3. Use the notch on the end of the Slim Jim to hook the bolt and pull it up from the 90 degree angle it is at into an upright position. 

    4. This may need a little time to get the hang of it.  You also might want to attempt this lock pick by doing it on the passenger side door.  There is less wiring on that side and your chances of ruining anything important are fewer.

    Air Wedge and Hanger

    1. Grab the top of the car door and pull it has hard as you can without breaking anything. You will need to pull your door frame as far from the car frame as you can. 

    2. Slip the air wedge into the space you have created.

    3. Using the hand pump, fill the wedge with air.  It should create a space as wide as possible and hold it open so you can insert a coat hanger into the opening.  (Be sure and not break the door or window).

    4. Insert a coat hanger (or any other tool you can purchase to do the same thing).

    5. Cars with electronic locks can quite often be pushed down with the coat hanger to unlock the door.  Some of the locks that are pushed down can be pulled up with a loop in the end of the hanger.  Side-to-side locks are more difficult, but can sometimes be manipulated as well.

    6. Some push down locks disappear inside the door.  In this case you will have to use a Slim Jim because the hanger won’t be able to unlock them.

    Jiggler Keys

    Jiggler keys are also referred to as jiggler lock picks.  They usually come on a ring with many keys you can use to attempt to picka a car lock. 

    1. Stick a key into the key slot and "jiggle" it around a bit and try to turn the key and open the door.

    2. If the first key doesn’t work, try the next doing the same thing.

    Many car manufacturers use a limited number of locks and so this approach sometimes works.  It is a very hit and miss proposition however and won’t always work.

    Conventional Lock Picks

    Conventional lock picks aren’t always the best approach to take with car locks.  The pins, instead of being on the bottom or top, which pick sets depend on, are located on both the top and bottom.  This makes it extremely difficult to get into with a regular set of lock pick tools.  It can be done, but, it may not be worth the time and trouble it would take to get into your car this way.

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