1. Your Windows Phone can withstand some abuse on its own, but if you want to ensure that your phone can weather being dropped, scratched, or made dirty, consider protecting your Windows Phone from these types of damage with additional accessories. You can also cut your costs by purchasing phone insurance to replace your cell phone in case of accidental damage.

    Reasons to Protect Your Phone

    Even if you aren’t concerned about the vanity of having a scratch-free or clean phone, there are important reasons why you should consider protecting your phone for investment reasons. Dust, water, and physical damage done to your Windows Phone can mean that you will have to pay a hefty repair price in the future or possibly even replace the whole phone. If you travel a lot and use your phone for more than just the occasional phone call, getting accessories that protect your phone can help reduce the need to replace or repair.

    Best Windows Phone Protection Options

    Aside from purchasing phone insurance in case your Windows Phone is damaged, simply purchasing inexpensive protective accessories can also help prevent damage to your phone. A Windows Phone screen cover or hard case that is designed to give you full usage of the screen is a great step in ensuring the longevity of your mobile device.

    Windows Phone Body GloveWindows Phone Body Glove Snap-On Case

    A hard case is going to give you a more durable frame for your Windows Phone. The Body Glove Snap-On Case material is hard, but it has glove-like material textured throughout it to make the grip easier and ensure that when dropped there is less damage.

    If belt clips annoy you, there is a removable knob that includes a rapid release clip. You won’t lose the kickstand feature, as one is built into the case.

    Windows Phone Anti-Glare Screen ProtectorWindows Phone Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

    Most screen protectors are just to prevent smudge marks and scratches, but the Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors also improves the display quality of your screen.

    The Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors have an anti-glare property that reduces the reflected light on your screens surface, making for a better quality viewing experience — especially if you enjoy watching media from your Windows Phone. The slick material of the screen protector is so similar to the touch and feel of the glass surface of your Windows Phone that you might not even feel a difference after the screen protector is applied.

    The screen protectors are easy to adjust or reposition by using invisible tape to remove and replace the protector.

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