How To Save Money For A Car

How To Save Money For A Car

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  1. One of the first and effective ways to save money for a car is to create and maintain a savings goal. You must first decide how much the car will cost and then you will need to figure up how much of a down payment you will need to pay. Then, think about when you want to buy the car. For instance, if you want to buy a car in 2012, then you will need to decide now how you are going to save for the car and the time frame you will give yourself to make it happen. For instance, how much do you need to save each month to ensure that you have enough money by 2012?

    In order to do this, you must first list all of your current expenses and the total income you have. Then, look and see where you can cut back; areas where you lessen your expenses. Look at your savings…See where and how you can increase your savings.

    Take time to write out a budget. Creating and maintaining a budget will keep you informed on how much you are able to spend each month. This is very helpful with expenses because expenses vary from month to month. By writing down your expenses you will be able to see a pattern of where your money is going, where you’re overspending and areas where you can cut back and put more into your savings.

    Then, look at your credit card spending. You may be interested to find out how much and where you are using your credit cards. Often we pay with credit cards without thinking about the amount or the necessity of the spending. Whenever possible, don’t use your credit cards. Pay everything in cash or with a check. It is easy to overspend when using a credit card.

    Of course, another great way to save for a car is by opening an interest-bearing savings account. CDs is a savings option that can help you save money for your new car. And, with any savings program, be sure to pay yourself first. Make it a policy to make a deposit into your savings right after you are paid. That way, you have immediately put your savings into your savings account before you do any spending.

    In addition, you can also save money for a car by following up on rebates.Whenever you purchase an item that has a rebate, save it, fill it out and send it in. The amount may not seem like a lot, but small amounts add up to great savings.

    Other ways to save money for a car are requesting a reduction in the interest rate on your credit cards. Some companies will comply and give you a lower rate. It never hurts to ask and it could save you some money. Get DVDs and books at your local library. If you’re an avid reader or enjoy the movies, one or both of these can certainly save you money!

    Think about ending your telephone service. This is a wonderful way to save money. But, if you want to continue your telephone service, minimize your service and use the phone only in an emergency. Cell phone service, on the whole, is more reasonable, more customized to your needs and more accessible.

    There are so many ways to save money for a car; the list is endless. Think of other ways to save money; especially when it comes to eating out. Eating in, can save a bunch of money.


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