How to Select Flowers From a Nursery

How to Select Flowers From a Nursery

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  1. Walking into a garden nursery often evokes feelings of excitement and panic at the same time. Rows and rows of beautiful flowers await your purchase.  How do you choose which ones to purchase? On one hand, they all look the same at first glance. However, after closer inspection, you’ll notice subtle but important differences.


    Nurseries offer young and mature flowers and plants.  Younger flowers are generally less expensive than mature flowers. However, it takes longer for young transplants to reach the mature stage. Mature flowers provide more of an impact in your landscape, but younger flowers have a longer lasting effect.


    Regardless of the plant’s age, select flowers with vibrant green foliage. Avoid purchasing flowers with yellowing leaves, as this is a sign of plant disease or nutrient deficiency. Leaves with brown or black spots are also indicative of plant disease.


    Select flowers with brightly colored blooms. Be cautious of flowers with bloom drop. While it’s not unusual for a few petals to fall off when handling flowers, the majority of the blooms should remain intact. For flowers that haven’t yet bloomed, select those with clearly visible flower buds.


    Avoid selecting flowers with leggy stems (stems too weak for flower stability). Confirm flower stems are sturdy and upright.  Strong stems help nutrients travel from the soil to the flower.


    It’s perfectly ok for one or two roots to show from the bottom of the flower container. Avoid flowers that have massive amounts of roots escaping from the bottom. In addition, it’s normal for flower roots to be wet after an initial watering at the nursery. However, be cautious of roots that are sitting in excess water, which contributors to root rot.

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