1. To be a good poet does not have to be difficult; it becomes like an adventure of the written or verbal word, understood at times by few, though remarkably so, the poets who understand good poetry are rather intrigued to find an individual of little or no education for this creative genre of writing to actually be quite articulate, rich in hidden meanings, depths of heart and soul, inherent in style, and consummated with a relevant score of imagery, which is a creative form of writing that may be learned by virtually anyone. In fact, anyone who has a desire to write poetry can. If you are not sure, but wish to do so, pick up some books on writing poetry. In order for us to be good poets, however, it will take one to be a good reader of poetry.

    Understanding Poetry

    One who begins a study of good poetry must try to understand the particular types of poetry relevant to his/her nature, experience, principle values, a correlation of ideas, clarifying to others as well feelings of self expression. We, as poets, try to understand poetry through reading other poetry, especially from folks as William Blake, William Wordsworth, Walt Whitman, Nelly Sachs, Heinrich Heine, Sylvia Plath, Pablo Neruda, and Hildegard of Bingen.

    All poets have induced upon their impressionistic souls a manner of creative genius that upon discovering the wellspring of where good poetry originates, at times maintain a flow of values, meter, logic, themes, imagery, attitude, slants,(internal or external), tone or feeling, brevity, in terms of a modern day listener or reader.

    We have so many different types of poetry as well; Romanticism, Spiritual, Nature, Satirical, Sonnets, and Allegorical. Typically, one may just find a period of history, or viewpoint (such as R.W. Emerson and H.D. Thoreau), whom were from the Transcendentalist Period, and a very fascinating period.

    The best thing you may do to begin is read a book on poetry or research online. There do remain certain applicable rules to follow just as in any writing exercise but this teaches us not only about poetry and writing but will teach us a great deal about our innermost being. Just as I mentioned in the beginning, it can be an adventure of the written word. So give it a try, have fun, and show your creative genius as well. Good Luck!

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