How Unlimited Satellite Internet Works

Many people experience difficulty when it comes to choosing an Internet provider. Dial up service is cost efficient, but it is so slow that it makes many tasks impossible. Cable is faster, but it is very costly, dependent on where you live, and often provides variable quality of service. DSL is fast, but the speed depends on how close you are in proximity to your ISP. One new technology that many people are not yet aware of is unlimited satellite internet.

With satellite Internet, you can obtain service from anywhere that has a clear view of the southern sky. Because your signal is beamed in from a satellite in space, your signal is not determined by where you live, providing consistent speed to all users. Signal is regulated, so people who download a great deal of files do not slow your computer down.

There are multiple satellites that provide satellite Internet, and you are always connected to the one that will provide you with the best signal. With satellite Internet, you can also set up wireless networking using existing equipment or by purchasing any major brand products. The equipment needed to set up a wireless network is the same as with other high speed Internet providers.

Satellite Internet is on par with DSL for speed, and provides remarkably fast downloads. It is approximately thirty times faster than dial up and does not require a phone. Satellite Internet is always connected, so customers never have to wait to dial in and authenticate their signal, instead being met with instant access whenever they click a program that must connect to the Internet.

Your satellite dish will be professionally installed, and is quite small. It fits within the limits of homeowners associations as admissible, ensuring that you are able to use the service. Once installed, your equipment will be set up for the first time, and will be ready for use after only a short time. After this, you will be constantly connected, and in the event of a disruption, your system will automatically reconnect when the problem is over.

Satellite Internet works with your existing web browsers as well. It can be used on a PC or on a Mac and the system requirements are minimal, including operating system, and minimal processor speed, ram, and hard drive space. It can be installed through your Ethernet port or you can access the Internet through an internal or external wireless card if you have a wireless router installed.

For those who want the speed of broadband without the price of cable or the limitations of DSL, satellite Internet is a perfect option. It is available everywhere and is quite affordable. There are pricing plans that are based on estimated usage, so that you never pay for significantly more than you use. There are multiple reasons why satellite Internet has become so popular in such a short time, but when added together, the answer is simply that satellite Internet is the best service for your money

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