The importance of Tasting Sessions for Taco-Catered Weddings

This is more than a foodie fun event. A wedding reception tasting session is a chance to work out ideas that will give your special day your signature … especially if tacos are on the menu.


For those who do not work in the event planning industry, a food tasting event sounds like a party. Let’s be clear about this upfront: it is not a party. The meeting between caterers and the bride and groom (and perhaps a parent; more on that in a bit) is an important part of wedding planning. The fun will come later, but it won’t go well if this isn’t approached with the seriousness of any other purchase of this magnitude and significance.


But not to be too Debbie Downer about it, it’s also an occasion for the betrothed to put their own stamp on the event. When your menu is taco-based, you really have wide latitude for what exactly that will look like. This is a creative brainstorm to not only pick items from a menu but to also discuss beverage choices with your taco caterers and possibly to add some unique themes and perhaps even to tweak the menu if necessary. But truth be told, most who provide taco catering for weddings provide some pretty impressive wedding fare.


To put a finer point on it, consider these points of reception menu tasting sessions:


Two’s company, three’s ok, but five’s a mess: Again, this is not a party. The Maid of Honor doesn’t get to come. One or two parents, maybe. But the bride and the groom should make the decisions here (or bride, groom and bride’s mother, or bride and groom’s father, or whomever knows food the best). The more people present, the more opinions you get – and the harder the decisions become. 


Limited menu, expansive choices: Mobile taco catering companies are able to adapt to many more venues because each service station is a self-contained kitchen, and they provide lots of choices because tacos are adaptable to a broad range of ingredients. So that precludes truly tasting everything. Try to narrow the focus early in the conversation (e.g., chicken, goat, and vegan selections).


Food is important, but so is everything else: While the amount of flatware is blessedly limited with taco menus, you really should give thought to everything else: napkins, plates, décor, music and the timing of everything. Your taco catering professionals should have ideas.


Talk beverages, but keep it mostly to talking: A mobile margarita bar is a natural for this occasion. But bring up other ideas for bar drinks as well as what gets served in other ways (wait service, table wines, etc.). Could a local craft beer be paired with your tacos? Bring this up in advance of the tasting to ask your caterer what might be possible and perhaps to test the pairings. Then keep the sipping to a minimum.


Remember, the celebration will happen on the day of the wedding. Everything that comes before it really should be regarded as work. 

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