Individualizing students work

Individualizing students work

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  1.   Individualizing Student Instruction

     Not everyone learns in the same way or at the same pace.  Careful observation of children at school should begin from Pre K.  The earlier a disability or deficit is observed in a child the better the chance of intervention being successful.

    The child study meeting

      First, the teacher must keep approximately six through nine weeks of observations, tests and work samples of the student that is being observed. Also, a quick screening test is administered to the child. These results will be discussed at the meeting when the teacher meets with the team. The team consists of every staff member that works with the child. This can include: classroom teacher, paraprofessional, specials ( PE, music or art ) teachers, guidance counselor and any therapist that is assigned to the child. Many times the principal or assistant principal will be included as part of the team. When they meet, this kind of meeting is called a Child Study.  Each team member shares their knowledge about the child.  At the end of this meeting, a decision is made  to determine if  further testing is needed.

    The Tests and Results

      First, the school psychologist will administer academic and test of intelligence. If speech is a concern then the speech pathologist will give the child a screening test.  Any other areas of concern will also be tested if needed. This can include  occupational therapy and physical therapy.  When all testing is completed, the parents are invited to the IEP (individualized educational plan) meeting. All team members are present again. Psychologist will discuss the findings in the tests. Any other testing is also discussed.  If the child meets certain criteria then an IEP is proposed.  The child will enter into an ESE (exceptional student education) program according to their needs.  The parents must agree in order for the child to be given these special services.

    What is found in the Individualized Education Plan

    There are many pages included in the IEP. It could be any where from 7 to 12 pages.  Included in the IEP are a couple pages of goals that are created from the findings of all of the testing.  An example of a reading goal could be: John will read a 2 paragraph story and will select the correct setting of the story.  The IEP is effective on the day of the meeting and will last until on or before one year from that date.

    Working as a Team

      It is essential that all teachers and therapists that work with the child are given a copy of the IEP. It is an official document that must be followed by all team.

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