Involve the Mind for Quick Weight Loss Results

Involve the Mind for Quick Weight Loss Results

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  1. Conventional wisdom says that the key to healthy weight loss is through a slow and methodical approach, where you reach your weight goal over the course of months or a year. Controversial research delivered to the International Congress on Obesity found that in order to lose weight efficiently, you need to lose weight quickly.

    The study cautioned against resorting to crash diets, pills, drugs or weight loss surgery, but noted that weight which was lost at a faster pace resulted in more pounds lost overall. Specifically, researchers found that participants who lost 1.5 pounds per week reached a final weight 15% lower than those who lost at a pace of a half pound each week.

    The study leaders believe the results are due to the psychological factor, increasing motivation from losing weight at a faster rate. Further monitoring will be required to determine if the weight loss is sustainable. Any weight loss plan which provides positive results is significant, as the burgeoning obesity epidemic threatens the quality and length of life for millions.

    This report underscores the importance of having the right mindset before restructuring a new dietary plan. The following guidelines provide the critical first steps to begin a quick weight loss program which is safe, healthy and delivers results.

    Guideline 1: Get Your Mind in the Game

    The power of the mind is important when beginning a weight loss program. Don’t begin by thinking this is just a diet to drop some weight, and when done you’ll revert back to the same poor eating habits which caused the weight gain initially. Only begin a weight loss regimen when you can firmly commit to a totally new lifestyle, permanently altering diet and physical activity to maintain your target weight. Psychological motivation is a powerful factor which will enable you to reach your weight goal.

    Guideline 2: Set a Realistic Goal

    Many people attempting to lose weight will set a target which is virtually impossible to attain. It’s not necessary to be at the same weight as when you were 20. Your body is different, and has evolved to store fat and build muscle differently as you age. For most people, a reasonable weight is 10 to 15% higher than your lowest weight in early adulthood. Following a sensible reduced calorie diet and regular exercise schedule, combined with the correct target weight, will enable you to meet your goal without added stress.

    Guideline 3: Plan Meals in Advance

    Create a meal plan for a week in advance, making sure to include copious amounts of vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, lean meats and limited fruits. Allow yourself a small indulgence once a week or for a special occasion so you won’t feel totally deprived. By pre-planning meals and keeping unhealthy choices out of the kitchen, you’ll be much less tempted to stray from your new diet plan. Meal planning will also help keep your mind focused on your quick weight loss goal.

    Healthy weight loss requires three key components to be successful. Reduced calories from nutritious sources and physical activity fuel the process and burn fat, yet neither are sustainable without engaging the mind. Only begin a weight loss program when you are fully committed and prepared to maintain your new lifestyle for the long term. When your mind is conditioned to improve and regain your health, weight loss will proceed at a naturally accelerated pace.

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