iPad Apps Worth Buying

iPad Apps Worth Buying

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  1. There are over 5,000 apps affiliated with the iPad, Apple’s newest and hottest commodity.  Here is a mini guide at some of the coolest iPad apps and games that are worth checking out.

    Angry Birds HD might be the single most addicting game in the history of Apple Apps.  When it was released for the iPhone, it shot to the top of the charts and legitimized it’s position there with free updates with plenty of new levels.  However, it’s way cooler on the iPad–you don’t have the small screen of an iTouch handicapping you.  When you are sling-shotting birds at the pigs who have stolen their eggs, the larger screen is more than a necessity.  Plus, the graphics now are outstanding in HD.

    Marvel Comics is unbelievable–like something out of a sci-fi movie.  You get free comic books straight to your iPad when you download this app.  It is both environmentally friendly and easy on the wallet. This app has even been known to convert non-comic-book-lovers to complete addicts.

    iBooks is Apple’s ebook store.  It is similar to Kindle, but way cooler because it’s not a one-trick-pony.  You can browse for books and read them on your iPad.  No more running to the bookstore!

    For all of the sports enthusiasts, ESPN ScoreCenter gives sports information and updates incredibly fast.  No more scrolling down your iPhone and trying to refresh the screen in order to see who won your favorite championship.  If it’s happening, ESPN ScoreCenter will pick it up.  Some people say that it’s over the top, but so are most dedicated sports fans when it comes to finding out their favorite teams’ results!

    Plants vs. Zombies HD is just another addition to the PopCap family of successful games.  The iPad app does have a special feature with an exclusive mini-game, "Buttered Popcorn," and supports up to 11 touch points at the same time.  The graphics are undeniably fantastic.

    Out of the news apps, the favorites are BBC and WSJ (Wall Street Journal).  The BBC app is simple and always reassuring with options to see video, print, or radio news–the whole BBC enchilada.  The WSJ app is chic and looks like a regular newspaper.  They did a great job designing the layout and making it feel authentic.

    The social networking apps that are a must are Tweetdeck, where you can manage your Twitter account and never miss a beat, and IM+, where you can access many instant messaging devices such as Live, Facebook, AIM, Yahoo, and g-Chat.  It’s worth paying the one-time-fee to be connected to IM+.

    There are plenty of other apps worth checking out, but these are the most noteworthy in their respected categories. All of these are worth spending a little cash to upgrade to the full version.  Generally, Apple only charges a one-time fee, and all of the apps will be backed up on your iTunes when you plug in your iPad to update and sync.

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