Iron Man Costume

Iron Man Costume

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  1. Iron Man has been a popular movie for a few years now, as well as a line of boys toys.  It follows reason that an Iron Man costume may be at the top of your little boy’s–or maybe even big boy’s– Halloween wish list.  Lucky you, mom!  An Iron Man costume, because of its popularity, will be easy to fine, but buy early.  Because of its popularity, it will sell out quickly. 

    Where to buy an Iron Man Costume? 

    If you are out and about shopping, Target or Wal-Mart both have this costume, in both child and adult sizes, for around $30.

    For an easier time of it, check out Costume Expresss at  An online retailer, their version of an Iron Man costume lights up with a flashing chest light (no worries, batteries are included) that will be a HUGE hit with your little guy.  Price for this fancy version is around $50, but they also have a basic version for $30.  Costume Express does have adult versions of Iron Man for under $60.  The joy of buying online means no crazy lines, no buying more than you want, and no begging for candy in the checkout line.

    Is budget a consideration this year? 

    A homemade Iron Man costume can be done.  Red pants and long sleeve matching t-shirt will suffice.  Decorate with gold felt cut out for the machinery bits on the thighs and arms.  Again, Costume Express has the arc reactor (the cicle on Iron Man’s chest) for less than $8, so you can jazz up a homemade costume with this accessory.  They also have temporary tattoos (again under $8) to do up your little guy’s face as Iron Man. 

    In doing a homemade costume, don’t forget you can go as War Machine Iron Man, which is the same look but in black, and the accessories would be silver instead of gold.   

    Lastly, for the budget concious, don’t forget eBay.  Folks are selling last year’s perfectly good Halloween costumes right now, and deals are there to be had.  Just check a seller’s rating and feedback before buying.

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