Is too long, too much?

Is too long, too much?

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  1. Whilst living in Riverside, A.K.A the Inland Empire, we do pretty much all there is to do in this city: Eat & Shop. And this a fact! About every few weeks new restraunts or stores open… As if we need more right? And along with fine dining, if the weather is right, we are caught in Olive Garden enjoying endless salads and breadsticks, while waiting for our maincourse, we flirt and sweet-talk with our main-squeeze.  Passing that stage where the dates and awkward silences are of the past ,a relationship in the present, while the future is untold. We’re comfortable with our ‘Datee" and hopefully they are comfortable with us. Years pass and the love is still fresh BUT as eating in the same restraunt gets old after about a few weeks or a month or 2, so can the relationship if not with the right person…

    If in a relationship with the same person longer than a few years… Can too long of  relationship cause too many problems in the future for you and your partner?…

    First- It all depends on how the two of you are as of now. If it’s smooth sailing right now in the relationship after a couple of months, meaning: The love is solid, trust is built stongly on both sides, communication is alligned, then yes, predict smooth sailing for the ramaining years. But never rule out the fact that things and people can change.

    Second- If you and your partner have had constant problems within the first few months of the relationship like: Lies, cheating, inconsideration, etc; you oughta just close the door now. Because what a person brings to the table, in a relationship, may be all they have to offer for you. And if what your expecting them to offer you isn’t enough, just imagine what the next few years will be like with you and your partner as a couple.

    When commiting to a long-term relationship, nowadays, it all comes down to the following: Time, your partner & you, and the chemistry of your relationship itself.

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