1. What is a Josten’s Class ring for?
    So Josten’s class rings are exactly as the name implies.  While in high school you generally pick one up to remind you of the 4 best years of your life.  College students also purchase these rings for their first 4 years of acquiring their bachelor’s degree.  A student purchases it and places their graduating year on it, a symbol on each side of the ring to signify what they participated in or were interested in while in high school.  You also set your birthstone or a stone of your choice that looks appealing to you.  Generally your mascot is imprinted on it or the school engraved somewhere on the ring.  Some parents buy them for their child during their senior year almost as part of an early graduation present or a trinket to take to college.

    Where can you where it out to?
    These rings are nice because they can look formal.  So it doesn’t limit where you can wear it, whether it is to an amusement park or to a nice dinner.  Although I wouldn’t wear them to somewhere you may lose it like the beach or waterparks.  They look nice, but are expensive and you don’t want such a stunning and sentimental piece of jewelry lost.

    Where can I purchase a Josten’s class ring?
    Well the Josten’s website is a great start.  They allow you to pick from many different styles, and items and really customize it to your personal memento.  Most schools that use the Josten’s class ring program have dates where representatives come to the school with information, pamphlets, brochures on their rings, caps and gowns, and other school related paraphernilia.  Sometimes they don’t offer as many choices just for the reason there are so many and to offer those on a pamphlet year after year, they would be creating new ones every year.  There are a few websites that sell Josten’s rings such as merchantcircle and rrgrad.  Sometimes they offer coupons to the Josten’s stores located around the country.  But your best bet is to check the Josten’s website, they deliver!

    Are they rare rings?
    In the sense of precious metals and gems you can find, not exactly.  The rings do hold much sentimental value for most people.  You meet people from highschool or college 10 years later that still wear theirs or have it in a case with their diploma.  The rings themselves are very special because no two are alike, unless made that way.  Like stated before, you customize the symbols, the characters, the stones, metal, gem and names.  The ring is your own personal pendant.

    Can I give these to anyone?
    Well you’d appear a little silly if you offered one to someone who was not attending school, but in the case of someone in highschool or college it’s a great gift.  Generally parents purchase them or the student themselves.  Grandparents are also an inspiring people to recieve a gift like this from.  You don’t usually purchase these for anyone that is not related to you, but don’t put that thought completely away if you’re a coach or teacher with a favorite student in mind.  This also includes those family friends that are there for every game, dance and event looking out for you.  It’s nice to know someones paying attention to your education.

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