Lab Created Diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds

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  1. In the past lab created diamonds referred either to simulated diamonds, or real diamonds made by man, but of such poor quality and small size that they were only useful for industrial use, such as on oil well drill bits. Simulated diamonds are not diamonds, but other minerals, both natural and manmade, that are clear and sparkly.

    Popular simulated diamonds include cubic zirconium (cz), moissanite, white sapphire, yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG), spinel, rock quartz, and many others. Occasionally even Swarovski crystal.  Cubic zirconium and yttrium aluminum garnet are manmade.

    Recently, however, quality lab grown diamonds have become available from at least three vendors. These are real diamonds, indistinguishable in almost every way from mined diamonds. Most jewelers, without extremely expensive equipment, cannot tell them apart from mined diamonds. Sometimes you will hear lab grown diamonds referred to as synthetic diamonds. They are the same thing.

    Apollo Diamond produces white diamonds under a caret. Gemsis produces yellow, pink, blue, red, orange, and green diamonds, with some over a caret. Chatham produces blue, pink, and yellow diamonds under a caret.


    Let’s see what you would pay for a half caret "diamond" engagement ring, with various types of "diamonds." These are, of course, just approximations, since it’s impossible to find rings that are exactly the same for each type, and it’s sometimes impossible to find exactly a half caret "diamond" also.


    Prices of 1/2 carat "Diamond" Rings



    Manmade simulated diamond engagement ring



    Natural simulated diamond engagement ring

    White Diamond


    Diamond engagement ring

    White Sapphire


    Natural simulated diamond engagement ring



    Natural simulated diamond engagement ring



    Manmade simulated diamond engagement ring

    Chatham Blue Diamond


    Synthetic diamond engagement ring

    Gemsis Yellow Diamond


    Synthetic diamond engagement ring

    Note that the white diamond was exactly 1/2 carat and had no side stones. The blue and yellow diamonds were larger than 1/2 carat, and had side stones. Unfortunately, you cannot currently get pricing on Apollo diamonds.  As you can see, the synthetic diamond rings are a much better value than the mined diamond rings.

    When Can You Use A Substitute For A Mined Diamond?

    If you are considering a substitute for a mined diamond, discuss it with the person you plan on giving the jewelry to. If they are okay with it, then feel free to substitute it for diamond. Jewelry is very personal, and only the person receiving it knows what is acceptable to them. However, note that mined diamonds are often obtained under brutal conditions, and the pricing is set by a cartel. Since manmade diamonds are identical, but without those drawbacks, they are a not only a lower cost substitute, but one you can feel good about.

    Couples who are about to get married often comprise on a diamond substitute for an engagement ring, until they can afford a better one, using the money instead for a down payment on a house.

    You can also be silly and buy an inexpensive oversized diamond substitute that your loved one wouldn’t believe for a minute was a real diamond, and give it to him/her as a prank or April fool’s joke.

    Who Sells Simulated Diamonds

    • Carat
    • Lab Diamonds Direct
    • Russian Brilliants ®
    • Diamond Essence
    • Almost Diamonds
    • My Lab Created Diamond
    • MiaDonna ®
    • Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds
    • Asha Simulated Diamonds
    • Brilliante ® Simulated Diamond
    • Diamonique ®

    The registered simulants will be sold by more than one vendor.  Just do a search on them.


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