Longleaf Pine Tree Facts

Longleaf Pine Tree Facts

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  1. Overview

    Longleaf Pine trees have a rich history in the North Carolina landscape. Sadly, after years of tree clearing for agriculture and logging purposes, their population has greatly diminished. However, it’s still possible to view the remaining trees of this magnificent species.


    The longleaf pine has long 8 to 15 inches long pine needles, thus giving it its name. The tree produces white buds, one way to distinguish this pine from others. The tree grows as tall as 100 feet.


    Longleaf pines dominated much of the landscape prior to the European settlement of the state. At one time, it covered 30 to 60 million acres across the Southeastern Coastal Plain. It was named the North Carolina State tree in 1963.


    The longleaf pine produces the largest cones of any of the southern pine cones at 6 to 10 inches long.  Cones drop from September to November. Cones are commonly used for decorative and display purposes.


    A thriving longleaf pine habitat exists in the Sandhills region, along the North Carolina Coastal Plain. Sandhills Game Land, managed by the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, contains one of the most accessible longleaf pine tree habitats in the region.

    Fun Fact

    A single longleaf pine tree supports fifty different plant species in one square meter.

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