Los Angeles – Sushi Restaurant Scene

Los Angeles – Sushi Restaurant Scene

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  1. Filled with glamor and vibrancy, Los Angeles is also known for its exceptional dining scene, featuring cuisines all around the world.  The Los Angeles sushi restasraunt scene, in particular, is highly acclaimed nationally as these some of these popular restaurants are frequented by celebrities. 

    Where You Can Find Top Quality Sushi in Los Angeles

    Tasty sushi require the freshest ingredients of high quality; otherwise, not only will the sushi taste bad, it will even make you sick as stale fish can harbor a great deal of bacteria and viruses.  It can be very hard to tell whether a certain sushi restaurant serves well-made sushis, so remember to look up restaurant reviews before you go on your sushi expedition in Los Angeles. 

    Asanebo, for example, have been receiving raving reviews about the service and of course, about the mouth watering sushi the restaurant offers. Unlike some of the glamorous sushi places with luxurious decorations, Asanebo is a relatively small establishment with an intimate setting.  In addition to the monkfish liver and sea eel sushi, the cooked dishes in Asanebo is also worth mentioning.  Dishes like deep-fried oysters and grilled Chilean sea bass have helped the restaurant retain a large group of loyal customers. In Asanebo, you can be sure that all the delicacy presented to you is made only the with best ingredients and of course, the freshest seafod in the market.

    Jinpachi is a slightly pricier sushi restaurant with a traditional Japanese decor with a vintage front and a more elegant space on the second floor.  Jinpachi is owned by a young chef who has years of experience working at high-end sushi bars before he started his own business.  He is extremely selective about the ingredients he uses so rest assured that you will taste only the best in Jinpachi.  Jinpachi is particularly famous with its toro sashimi, oysters, and conch.  As the chef is trained in baking and pastry, you will be able to taste some extraordinary western desserts after a decadent sushi dinner.

    Kazu Sushi,  similar to Asanebo, looks like an ordinary sushi restaurant as the decorations in the restaurant are very simple and plain.  If you order items on the menu, you will not be particularly pleased as even though the ingredients are fresh, the dishes are only mediocre.  One trick to enjoy the best sushi Kazu has to offer is by sitting at the bar closer to the chef.  Request the chef’s choice and you will begin one of your most pleasurable dining experiences.  The mini oysters, toro sushi, and monkfish liver are some of the best dishes Kazy serves.  Do bear in mind that your bill is likely to go up very quickly as you lose track of the delicacy you order.

    K-ZO, on the other hand, has a modern minimalist design with steel bead curtains, polished concrete, white table cloths, and a wooden sushi bar.  The owner and chef of K-ZO go to the fish market three to four times a week to search for the best seafood and he is very creative in creating new dishes that can make use of some of the freshest fish he acquires.  Most sushi and rolls at K-ZO are so flavorful that you will not need any soy sauce or wasabi and the chef takes pride in that.  Although you will be tempted to treat your tastebuds only with the decadent sushi, do not forget to try some of the appetizers at K-ZO as they are all unique creations that you cannot find elsewhere.

    Now that you know something about the Los Angeles sushi restaurant scene, it is time for you to go enjoy some Japanese cuisine!

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