Major Arcana: The Empress

Major Arcana: The Empress

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  1. The Story Unfolds:

    The Empress greets The Fool on his journey, her voice warm, her gaze gentle, and her heart open and generous.  She is the mother of all creativity, and all who encounter her with respect are blessed. 

    The General Meaning:

    The Empress in a reading speaks of abundance, creativity, inspiration and generosity.  It is the Empress who is most connected to the Goddess, and the Empress who is connected to the bounty of the earth.  Like a deep, cool well, the blessings flow forward through the Empress.  You can tap into this abundance, knowing assuredly that the well will not run dry, that there is an endless supply of all good things.

    The Message:

    The Empress sits at the side of her husband, the Emperor, a vision of beauty and grace and abundant creativity.  She is soft, beautiful, kind, and gentle.  Yet pity the person who mistakes her as weak or incidental.

    In this balance of life, force and direction work in harmony to create action and growth.  The Empress is the voice of the Goddess on Earth, the symbol of creativity, childbirth, abundance, and sensuality.  Where her husband’s hand touches, there is order and discipline.  But the hand of the Empress yields flowers and art and music and pleasure.

    It is easy in our world of numbers and measures and gadgets and apps to think of Empress energy as secondary to the more important intellectual work with which we busy ourselves.  But order without energy is meaningless, and logic without emotion is barren and cold.

    In her best aspect, the Empress embodies all the things that make life worth living.  She is of course associated with motherhood, but she is also strongly linked to artistic and natural creativity, material comforts, pleasure, and generosity.  At her worst, she can be indulgent, lazy, stubborn, and grasping.

    When the Empress appears in your reading, you are being called to reconnect with the natural, the creative, and the nurturing places in your life.  Perhaps it is time for you to call your mother, or if you are a parent, to explore the more nurturing relationships with your family.  Let go of strategies and rules for a while and embrace the chaotic joy of pure creativity.  Now is the perfect time to work on a creative project, whether you are writing a symphony, decorating your house, or planting a garden.  Eventually, of course, you will rejoin the world of order and logic.  But if you take this opportunity to revel in creativity, you will have a richer and deeper experience when you return to the everyday world.

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