Major Arcana: The Magician

Major Arcana: The Magician

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  1. The Story Unfolds:

    Not long after embarking on his journey, The Fool encounters a skilled Magician, a powerful, confident mage used to working wonders and commanding the awe and respect of those around him.  "Anything is possible," teaches the Magician, "if you have skill and the courage to use it!"

    The General Meaning:

    When the Magician appears in a reading, you are being called on to take control of the situation using skill and confidence.  The Magician stresses subtlety, expertise, and often slight of hand when approaching any obstacle that must be surpassed.  Brute strength is not required in this situation nearly so much as a cunning approach, creativity and self-assurance.  You will discover your own magic is an effective tool as you travel the path towards your goal.

    The Message:

    The first thing a child unlearns as he or she makes their way to adulthood is how to make magic.  We are taught, by parents and adults trying to do their best, exactly how to not be magical.  Be reasonable.  Use your common sense.  Try your best.  Make sensible plans.  Fit in with the other children.  Be nice.

    But each of us has a spark of magic within us that cannot be killed by conformity or complacency.  Each of us harbors a genius streak, a wild and brilliant nature that has never forgotten that the world is made up of much more than we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell.  Science is only now beginning to learn how little we use of our brains and to contemplate just what might be possible if we were to utilize all that dormant grey matter between our ears.

    One of the greatest freedoms in life comes when you finally realize that nothing is impossible.  Impossible is simply another word for "not yet manifested."  Once you truly comprehend that nothing limits you but your own mind, you are free to determine your path in the world.

    The Magician is not a tool of his senses–he is the master of them.  He commands them, wielding them like a wand to do his bidding.  The Magician studies, observes, and works with the forces of nature in order to ultimately transcend them.  There are no limits in the Magician’s world, only puzzles to be solved using cunning, wit, and logic.

    This card is compelling you to let go of the illusion that you are the victim of circumstance, the victim of genetics, even the victim of your own soul’s karma.  To the Magician, everything is a tool for his bidding, and anything can be used to work a spell.  To a human mind, everything is fuel driving that magnificent adventure we’re on, clues to the mystery we’re solving just by being alive.  These things that haunt you, the hurts, the disappointments, the unrealized dreams, all become lessons when looked at through the Magician’s keen vision.  Every experience, good or bad, that you have had in this life is part of your magical education.  The wise among us will take advantage of each lesson to learn how to make magic a reality in their lives.

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