1. Do you have clothing in your closet that is in good condition but you are tired of?  Do you have clothes that do not fit anymore, but are still in style?

    Why take up space in your closet, if you can make some money selling them?

    Used clothing shops, commonly called Consignment Shops, are the rage in this economy.  Clothes that are "new to you" are selling for a fraction of the cost of new clothing.  These resale shops get a percentage of the price of the clothing, but you, also, get a percentage.  I once lost 52 pounds and made enough on my too large clothing to buy a whole wardrobe.

    The secret to these shops is to consign clothing that is stylish and in good condition.  They do not take "junk" and are specific about the brands that they will accept.  Discount store clothing will not sell for much, so if you buy from these outlets, you will receive a lower price.  Name brands, such as Sag Harbor, Kim Rogers, Liz Claiborne, and Koret are going to get you more money.

    To be stylish, you have to have purchased the clothing in the last year or two.  Styles change and customers of resale shops do not want to buy outdated clothing. 

    Jewelry is a good seller, also.  Costume jewelry can be consigned, but it cannot be dated.  The thing about jewelry is that it hardly ever gets outdated. Good gold and silver jewelry will bring in higher prices, of course.

    Shoes and boots can be consigned, also, however make sure that the shoes are in good condition and not worn.  These should be wiped out with a disinfect before consigning.

    You can make some cash for those unwanted clothing items.  Men and children’s clothing can be sold, also.  Children consignment shops are popular with mothers whose children are going through growing spurts.  These items sell fast and can make the consignor some good cash to reinvest in newer children’s clothing. Infant clothes are big sellers. 

    You can find some good buys on men’s clothing, also.  Suits are not great sellers, but jackets and jeans are popular finds.  You can make some good money selling these items at resale shops.

    Go through your closet and start consigning those unwanted clothes.  You will be a little richer for it.

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