Management 101- The Basic Essentials for Leadership

Management 101- The Basic Essentials for Leadership

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  1. There is a great deal to know about being a good manager, and most of it cannot be taught or learned from a book. Having a college degree will not automatically make you a great manager, and without an aptitude for managing people, your capabilities as an effective manager are limited. Much of what is needed for a management position is gained from practical experience and trial and error. The way to become a good parent is usually achieved this way, and essentially a manager is much like a parent. Many managers have employees older and sometimes wiser, but you are still their leader. Like a new parent, despite being young, still needs their child to respect them. You still need for your employees to look up to you and respect your position of authority regardless of any age difference. One way to do this is to allow your workers to offer suggestions and encourage them to come to you with new ideas. This will encourage team work and respect towards one another.

    A manager is a leader, and your employees will look to you for guidance and leadership. Too many people nowadays are unhappy with their jobs because they do not feel good about who they work for. Most of the time it is because of a gap between management and labor. Many managers will put all of their efforts and time into their paperwork, scheduling, and organization, and the most important aspect of a management position is lost or ignored. That is having the ability to manage your employees. You are the team leader, but without a team, you can’t be much of a leader.

    Managing the people who work for you is no easy task. You need for your workers to have the right attitude towards you and the workplace. The best way to achieve this is by setting good example. You must show your workers how you expect them to be like. Here are ten ways to bridge that gap and create an environment that you and your employees will feel good about. You will have a team you have confidence in, and the employees will have a leader they can trust.

    Take Pride In Your Work

    Doing your best work all of the time, regardless of what it is. Demonstrate to your employees how important and necessary it is to do more than is expected of you. Go that extra mile and recognize the workers that do the same. Show your appreciation with positive reinforcement.

    Be Cheerful To Your Workers

    Always have a cheerful disposition even when you are having a difficult moment.This can be hard to do but it is very important because you are the one setting the tone in the workplace. If your employees see you lose your temper or any negative attitude, soon everyone around you will begin to have the same negative feelings.

    Be Sincere

    Mean what you say when speaking to your employees. It is easy to tell when someone is not being themselves. Always be honest, and let your employees know you expect the same from them. You need to feel confident about your workers so you must be able to trust them. They need to feel the same way towards you knowing you have their best interests at heart.

    Listen To Your Employees

    Hear everything they are telling you. If you are busy or distracted, set aside a bit of time for some one on one later in the day. Communication between the team leader and the team is vital. Your workers need to know they are important and that you care. The result will be having employees care about what kind of job they do for you.

    Don’t Be Wasteful Of Time Or Materials

    Don’t involve yourself in frivolous matters on the job. Show your employees you have respect for the company you both work for.

    Encourage Efficiency

    Demonstrate the need to work quietly and quickly without disturbing others.

    Follow The Rules

    Demonstrate how to be respectful of company rules and the importance of having them.

    Making Decisions

    Give your workers room to make their own decisions. Encourage their leadership abilities to grow.

    Group Meetings

    Have periodic group meetings to air any grievences between you anyor employees, or any other issues you may of not previously had the time to deal with. Let the workers know it is okay for them not to always agree with you. They need to be able to speak up if there is a problem. The time you set aside for these meetings should be the company’s time, not the workers lunch time.

    Know What Is Expected

    Your employees need to know exactly what is expected of them. Encourage them to ask questions when necessary.

    Managing the people around you is a difficult job, and mistakes will be made. Following these simple guidelines will make those mistakes easier to deal with, and you will create a comfortable and productive environment for everyone.

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