1.      A false belief about marriage counseling is that only a couple that are having "issues" should seek counseling. The fact of the matter is, counseling cannot only help such couples, it can also enrich and broaden a relationship between two that are happy in their marriage.

        Granted, marriage counseling has been known to help hammer out and resolve issues between two people that have difficulties with one another, but what about those that are happy in their married life? Meeting a marriage counselor or therapist on a short term basis can help those couples explore new areas of their relationship, and therefore enrich their lives together. This enrichment may be in the form of re-discovering what they find attractive in their partner, or what that partners involvement in their life means to them. Sometimes, as time goes on in a married couples lives they forget those key thoughts and feelings that brought them together in the first place.

        Broadening the relationship is another way to enhance the already happy partners lives together. What happens here is that the therapist explores with the couple hidden talents, desires, and new ways to communicate that they may not have thought of or explored before. As these areas are looked at, the couple finds new and exciting ways to relate to one another and to add to his or her repertoire of techniques or ideas that can help them to continue to succeed both in their lives and in their relationship.

        As you can see, marriage counseling just isn’t for the unhappy…. it is also for those who want to move even further into the happiness and bliss they feel when they are with their partner.

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