1. Windows Phone HTC HD7Much of what makes the Windows Phone 7 a great mobile device for both business and personal use is the ease of access to the key features that make a mobile device so useful to have (and worth the $500 to $600 investment).

    The latest Windows Phones consistently come with powerful 3G connections, WiFi capability, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity.

    Windows Phone 7 has a lot of features that make it stand out, but the key features that have an impact on what makes it a worthwhile mobile device deal with usability, access to information, and integration with other software and services.

    Bigger Buttons and Text

    If you have trouble tapping the right small cubic centimeter of your screen to access an application, the Windows Phone 7 has not only bigger buttons on the home screen, but also a second list screen that alphabetizes your application buttons.

    The design of most Windows apps also includes large header text menus, which are easy to slide from right to left in order to access the different screens.

    Integrated Search

    If you often use your phone to do quick research online through a search engine, the instant search button is a fast and easy way to make sure that you’re able to get the information faster and more conveniently – it also reduces the need to waste real estate with the web browser.

    Consolidated Contacts List

    Whether you use Outlook or Facebook, you can combine all of your contacts into one convenient location. Under the “People” section of the Windows Phone, you can display the synced contacts from a range of accounts, such as Google, Windows Live, and Facebook. Your contact’s information and thumbnail images are then merged with your accounts so that you can have a consistent database.

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