1. Last night’s Big Brother episode included the first Have/Have Not competition and the first nomination ceremony.  I’m a bit surprised at how early I’ve become acquainted (attached?) to the houseguests.  I remember in previous years not knowing very many of their names, but this year I know everyone.

    The saboteur is on everyone’s mind, both on the show and sitting at home in front of the television.  One minute I think Andrew, no maybe Kathy, next Britney and on and on.  The HG’s are doing that same thing.   

    The Have/Have Not’s competition involved getting through a sticky caramel substance and finding a tooth inside a large vat of popcorn.  The first two groups to get eight teeth out are the Have’s.  Sounded easy enough, but the caramel proved to be a problem for a lot of the contestants.  In particular, Kathy had a terrible time (or did she?).  She ended up laying in the mess for a long, long time while the other groups finished the task.  Is it possible that this Deputy Sheriff from Arkansas can be that out of shape?  I really can’t imagine that she couldn’t move at all.  Everyone else made it through.  So is Kathy our saboteur? 

    After the competition, a conversation was shown between Kathy and Britney.  Kathy insinuated that Britney only made it through the competition because Enzo found two teeth and hid one to make it easier for Britney.  Yes, Enzo did that, but Britney still made it through the caramel.  So, the question is, did Kathy zero in on Britney to take the embarrassment off of herself or did she do it to make everyone think she doesn’t get along with her?

    The next morning, Andrew gets up early and finds that someone put tape X’s over the pictures of Britney and Kathy.  Evidently, this was done by the saboteur, but, why?  Was he or she trying to say there is a connection between the two women?  The houseguests seemed to think that the saboteur was suggesting those two be nominated for eviction. 

    This next part is a spoiler, so STOP reading if you don’t want to know!  I heard through the live feeds that the saboteur told the houseguests that two of the contestants know each other.  Interestingly, the houseguests have already been kicking around the idea that Kathy is really Britney’s mother.  They do resemble each other and both are from Arkansas.  Would Big Brother be that obvious?  These two aren’t the only contestants from the same state.  Remember that in my first article, I picked up on the fact that Matt and Monet are both from Illinois.  There is also the possibility that the saboteur is just trying to cause more paranoia in the house.

    The first showmance of the season is between Brendon and Rachel.  I thought these two were an unlikely pair, but their scientific backgrounds seem to be pulling them together.  Of course, there is always the possibility that they’ve been together before the show too.  Who knows?  Their connection to each other caught the attention of Hayden, the HOH.  He decided that their alliance needed to be broken up immediately and so Brendon and Rachel are the first two nominated for eviction. 

    Some Big Brother ramblings…  Does Kristen ever talk?  I don’t know about you, but I am very happy that the houseguests use real words and don’t decorate each sentence with a number of “F’s”.  Did you catch the segment where Annie told Ragan that she has dated girls?  He felt honored that she confided in him.  Confided in him?  She told all of America.  Why did Brendon decide to brush his teeth when all the lights went out?  What does it say on Matt’s blocked tattoo?  Is it true that Big Brother producers made Annie dye her hair because they didn’t want three blondes on the show?  If there are two people in the house that know each other, is it possible that there are more? 

    There is so much more to talk about.  In some past seasons, we had to bide our time before getting into the game, but not this year.  I’ll leave this article with…to be continued…

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