Making your blog or social media platform, especially your Instagram account fetch you money, is a very  hot and popular topic. Some people get thrilled by the fact that social media influencers and probably bloggers can makehuge money for just posting photos (this could be their most recent photos or photos about their life history). Another set of people believe that posting sponsored content alone can boost their online presence; but they are getting it all wrong! Personally, I believe no free money anywhere, one must work to earn. So, growing and monetizing a blog oran Instagram account require a lot of time and commitment, which, of course, you are being paid for. If you’re interested in turning your Instagram account into a ‘money making machine’, below are a few steps to follow;

Boost your online presence

The first step you need to take while thinking of monetizing your Instagram account or blog is to boost your online presence. You need to get readers for blogs and followers to your Instagram accounts. Additionally, in order to get rid of the first step on growing your Instagram from bottom, you can get an Instagram account for your marketing purposes from Social Tradia and try to have a great blog by posting quality content and grea captions. 

You need to add some easy-to-find contact info

If you have  a business account, you may be fortunate to get brands contact you, but if it’s a private Instagram account, you will need to add some easy-to-find contact info which will make it easier for your content to get to the right audience. Although, there’s a lot of whisper going viral in the blogging world that Instagram favors business accounts more over private account because the former involves you paying to get your content seen by the audience.

Tag brands whenever you upload photos

This is another great means to monetize your Instagram account. Whenever you tag brands in your photos, you are simply creating awareness and more exposure for your account. Some brands might even help you repost your photo, which means, your account is gaining more online presence; and if you get on the company’s radar they might contact you directly for a deal. It’s very ideal to let companies that are willing to work with you to see that you do product placement on your social media (Instagram)account. Ensure you tag every singleproduct in each of your photos. Let whatever happens be consistent with the photo you upload or whatever people often ask you about.

Make a highlight of products or services on your blog

Make sure you have some samples displaced on your blog because brands/companies would like to see samples of the type of post you want to create for them. If you wish to do product reviews, review some of your favorite brands, even if those brands aren’t sponsored by the company. For instance,

  • If you want a fashion company to give you wears for outfit posts, make sure you have a lot of posts with wears you already have.
  • If you want to create reviews for hotels as a travel blogger, then you must have posts from previous trips that talk about the hotels you lodged at, even if you took care of the expenses yourself.

Brands need you to convince them that the services you want to offer them will work with their marketing goals and there is no other better way to prove to them than showing them some samples of your previous work.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also another way to monetize your Instagram  account, especially if you have a good traffic to your account. If someone buys something via your affiliate link, you will be given a commission, usually, between 5 and 15% whenever someone buys anything from a particular site within a specific time window after the click through. It doesn’t have to be the specific product you linked.


There you have the ways/means of growing and monetizing your Instagram account and blogs by having hundreds of thousands of readers and followers. None of these ways is particularly hard to follow, it’s just a matter of time. You need ample time to build your Instagram account from level zero, and you also need to be more consistent with your blog posts in order to build any sort of following.

However, if you go strictly by these ways highlighted above, then you got for yourself a firm foundation for becoming the next Instagram millionaire.

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