Motorcycle Glasses

Motorcycle Glasses

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    You don’t have to own a motorcycle to buy motorcycle glasses, but they might come in handy if you’re a passenger on one. However, if you own a motorcycle or ride a motorcycle, most states require by law that you wear eye protection.  Most motorcycle safety courses will require you to wear eye protection. When shopping for glasses, it’s best to try them on to make sure they fit comfortably on your face.  If you wear a motorcycle helmet, you’ll need to be sure that the glasses fit comfortably while you’re wearing it. Also, shopping for them at a store instead of online will give you the option of trying them on and seeing their quality first hand.

    Buying Online

    Motorcycle glasses come in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles. You can find them at many of your local motorcycle dealerships and leather shops. Also, you’ll find several websites that sell them. Be sure to check the return policy if you buy them online.  If your glasses don’t fit correctly, then you’ll need to be able to send them back for an exchange or a refund.  However, if you find a certain brand and style of glasses you like, you may be able to find a better price online.  


    The price of motorcycle glasses will vary depending on the brand, type of material they are made out of and the type of lenses they have. The important thing to remember is that the lenses should be made of safety strength plastic that is shatterproof. A transitional lens will cost more than what you would pay for two pairs of economically priced glasses.  However, they are convenient because you only have to carry one pair. A good pair will run you about $20.00 and should last at least one riding season. Glasses with a more durable frame and special lenses can run over $200.00.

    Types of Motorcycle Glasses

    Motorcycle goggles have foam padding around the lenses to create a close fit to your face and keep air and dust out of your eyes. There should be some air that can pass through so that the lenses don’t fog. However, it is common for lenses to fog when you come to a stop regardless of the amount of ventilation, but once you take off again they clear up right away. Goggles have an elastic strap to fit around your head for a more secure fit. If this style of goggle does not appeal to you, there are motorcycle glasses that have foam or rubber padding, but are styled like sunglasses. 

    It is a good idea to carry two pair of motorcycle glasses in case you need a spare. You can wear the other pair long enough to get you to a store to replace the pair that was broken or lost. They also come with lenses that are clear or tinted. It’s best to have a tinted pair for daytime riding and a clear or yellow tinted pair for nighttime riding. Another important thing to remember when you’re shopping for them are to look for visibility and comfort.  You should be able to clearly see through them and not have your peripheral vision blocked. The glasses should fit snugly to your face limiting the amount of space for wind, dust and debris to be able to pass through. 

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