MYO Snack and Lunch Ideas for Frugality

MYO Snack and Lunch Ideas for Frugality

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  1. I have been discussing school and work lunches in the Frugal Food column as of late. I want my readers to be aware that frugal foods can be made and packed to eat throughout the school or work day. I want them to know that purchasing unhealthy meals is not their only option. I believe that I have done this successfully.

    The topic of todays’ column is MYO snacks and lunches. These are items that you make on your own, rather than purchasing the convenient, unhealthy alternatives at the store. Not that these options are always going to be 100% healthy all of the time. However, if you are mainly creating healthy lunch box and sack items, then you will be able to have a treat once in a while.

    The recipes below will typically be more frugal that the store bought alternatives. Here are a couple of fun items to pack in a lunch box or a lunch sack.

    Tortilla Pizzas

    Wrap ingredients separately so that your children can put them together themselves.


    Whole wheat tortilla

    Shredded cheese



    Pineapple chunks

    A spoon for scooping and spreading the sauce.


    Nacho Dippers

    Package each ingredient separately.


    Tortilla chips


    Dipping cheese


    These simple treats can go into a lunch box or lunch sack. Be sure to pack cloth napkins in with each of these types of snacks. They can be messy. The whole wheat tortillas can be rolled to fit into the sack if necessary.

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