Natural Remedies for Baldness

Natural Remedies for Baldness

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  1. Why do men (and many women) go bald? One reason is genetics. Men tend to inherit the baldness gene from their fathers. Male-pattern baldness only applies when a man has premature balding. He sees signs of balding before the age of 30.

    This can affect the mental health of many young men. They may feel like a long-lost cousin to the bald eagle. The fact that Bret Michaels’ bald head shines proudly on tabloid covers probably does not help.

    One study says that male-pattern baldness may be the result of a defective stem cell.

    Many other factors, besides the baldness gene, can cause baldness. Some factors are certain medications, lifestyles, and even excessively tight hair braiding. In these cases, balding can be halted so that no more occurs.

    The idea is to re-stimulate hair follicles that have become damaged through one or more avenues. To do this, you must increase blood flow to your scalp.

    If you think you may have reason to fear baldness in your future, start now to prevent baldness. Nature knows how to stimulate hair growth.

     Diet and Exercise

    • Exercise more. Exercise increases blood flow all over your body, including your scalp.
    • Your diet may be playing a big part in your hair loss. Eat more spicy foods, such as anything with cayenne peppers or jalapeno peppers. Spicy foods as opposed to fatty ones will stimulate blood flow.
    • Researchers state that a lack of Vitamin B6 encourages hair loss. Take B6 supplements every day.

    Herbal Remedies

    The herb silica helps to stimulate the scalp and prevent hair loss. Silica is found in two plants that you probably poison each summer. Nettle and Horsetail look like weeds, but are naturally medicinal for preventing hair loss.

    Simply boil their leaves in water for a few minutes and use the liquid, after it cools, as a hair rinse everytime you shampoo.

    • Rosemary and Ginger are very effective, just prepare them for use as you did the silica formulas. With these two, dip a cloth into the water and keep it on your head until the cloth cools. Do this twice per day.
    •  Massaging your scalp with Essential Sage Oil, found in herb stores, medicates and stimulates at the same time.
    • Coconut oil, mixed with lime juice will be one of the best remedies for spots on the scalp that are just beginning to bald.
    • Scratching your head will cause a quicker loss of hair due to the follicles becoming damaged when you scratch. Apply Aloe Vera oil to the scalp to not only get rid of the itchiness, but to also create a nice shine to your hair.

    If you really want to prevent further hair loss, and stimulate your hair back into healthy follicles, try a Chinese herb. It is called Ho Shou Wu and will boost the strength, color, and amount of your hair. It has the added bonus of improving your sex vitality as well.

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