Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

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  1. Everyone has hemorrhoids. They are a natural occurrence within the body. Hemorrhoids pictures show that they are simply masses of tissues in the anal canal. These masses are surrounded by muscle and fibrous tissues and contain blood vessels.

    They actually act as sort of a “gate” to prevent accidental seepage from the bowels or the anus.

    The problem occurs when these masses become enlarged and the symptoms of pain, itching and bleeding occur. Hemorrhoids’ treatments or hemorrhoids’ cream may or may not solve the problem. Sometimes surgery is required.

    It is not pretty, but you can get rid of hemorrhoids by using natural remedies. The idea is to reduce the swollen masses back down to their normal sizes. Certain plants do that by possessing the same unique healing property; it is called tannin.

    Tannin is the natural part of the plants that are listed below which produces healing for hemorrhoids. Tannin binds liquids, absorbs toxins, and soothes inflamed tissue. 

    Warning!  Tannin will stain everything, including porcelain. Cowboys used it to turn animal skins into leather, thus the term “tanning the hide.”

    Have you ever noticed the dark circles under many British people’s eyes? They drink a lot of tea, and tea is loaded with tannins. They are literally tanning their own hides.

     Blackberry Plants

    • Blackberry plants make an excellent alternative medicine for hemorrhoids. 
    • To make a medicinal blackberry tea, add one pint of boiling water to one ounce of dried leaves and one ounce of the blackberry root bark. Let it steep for 10 minutes and drink a cup of this tea three times per day.


    • Grapes and grape leaves will help the inflammation caused by hemorrhoids. Drink a lot of pure grape juice. 
    • An old Native-American remedy for hemorrhoids was to soak fresh grape leaves in pure water for about 15 minutes. Apply the moistened grape leaves directly to the hemorrhoids and leave them in place for 20 minutes. This reduces the swelling, the pain, and stops the bleeding.

     White Oak

    • The mighty oak tree has been used for thousands of years for medicine. The most useful part of the tree is the inner bark. Harvest 12 inches of the bark of an oak tree and scrape off the outer gray part of the bark. The outer part is just dead tree cells and has no value.
    • For healing hemorrhoids, use only the White Oak tree.
    • Boil the inner bark in water until a strong solution has been reached. It will become a darkish brown color when it is ready. Apply the solution directly to the external hemorrhoids with a clean cloth. You can also use the solution as an enema for internal hemorrhoids.

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