Natural Remedies for Lupus Symptoms

Natural Remedies for Lupus Symptoms

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  1. There is no known cause for Lupus. Medical researchers believe it is caused by a combination of environmental or infectious causes, and genetic factors.

    There are four different kinds of this terrible disease. This article focuses on the most common kind known as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). This is the one that most people know as Lupus, and as the name suggests, can affect many of the body’s systems.

    Some symptoms and signs of Lupus include painful joints, unexplained fever, and extreme fatigue. Lupus symptoms in men may look differently than Lupus symptoms in women.

    Natural remedies can alleviate many of the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of Lupus.


    Fennel is a popular herb found in many Greek and Italian dishes.

    The entire fennel plant can be consumed but the best medicinal parts of the plant are the leaves. WARNING: Pregnant women, diabetics, and people with kidney problems should not consume fennel. 

    However, if Lupus is causing you to have that “butterfly rash’ across your cheeks, fennel will work wonders to alleviate it. The butterfly rash is one of the skin Lupus symptoms. It works by causing the blood vessels in your face to shrink to normal sizes, thus helping the rash. This is also the reason it is good for Rosacea.

    • Soak a clean towel in a mixture of fennel leaves and pure water. Make it as strong as you like.
    • Do not use tap water for the mixture.
    • Apply the soaked cloth to your face twice per day.


    Many Lupus sufferers have symptoms that are closely similar to those of rheumatoid arthritis. The bones ache, and the muscles hurt.

    Lavender is a natural muscle relaxant and when your muscles are relaxed, the pain in your bones will ease as well.

    • Lavender Essential oil can be found in most herb stores and is NOT to be taken internally.
    • Rub it deeply into the areas of your bones and muscles that ache.
    • Dried or fresh lavender flowers are consumable. Drinking them as a cold or a hot tea will help to calm you, relax you, and ease the pain.
    • Bathing in a bath of warm water infused with a lavender sachet will help as well.

    Olive Leaves:

    Since Lupus is an autoimmune disease, you will want to boost your immune system as much as possible to fight the symptoms. Getting enough Vitamin D, and Vitamin C will greatly aid in this process

    Nature has a natural remedy that works even better than high doses of Vitamins. Oleurpein is the active ingredient in olive leaves that boost the immune system. It also fights infections, bacteria, and viruses. The Egyptians called the olive tree the “Tree of Life” due to its powerful healing properties.

    •  Olive leaf Extract is safe and non-toxic. It is the quickest way to boost your immune system.
    • The Extract can be purchased in herb stores.
    • If you live in an area that can grow olive trees, a tea made from olive tree leaves and pure water can be consumed several times per day.

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