1. Headaches are very frequent this time of year when allergies are running rampt on your sinuses. Spring may be in the air but so is that pounding pain in your head. In the United States 45 million persons suffer from headaches, 16 ;17 percent of them are chronic headaches and 3;5 percent of persons have them daily. Luckily there are reservoir of alternative therapies available to help elevate that pounding pressure without reaching for the over the counter medications that can make your stomach upset and have numerous other side effects.

    When blood vessels contract they cause pressure, inflammation, throbbing pain producing one migraine headache. When muscles tighten up and you have spasms in the neck, upper back and shoulder areas pulling up on the scalp you have a tension headache. Basically at this time of year the both headaches usually stem from sinus problems and allergies not to mention stress or lack of sleep.

    Chinese Medicine : here are a few

    Pressure Valley of Harmony : Find the acui point Li 4, it is located in the web between thumb and index finger on either hand. Apply steady pressure with your thumb until it is sore. Hold for two minutes repeat on other hand.

    Massage: Place five drops of lavender essential oil in one cup warm water. Soak washcloth in the water and wring it dry. Then place place on forehead as a compress during the headache.

    White Light: Sit or lay down comfortably. Clear your mind of all thoughts, relax body and breathe deeply. Inhale and visualize a white light or a clear running spring entering your body at the top of your head and flowing down to abdomen. Exhale and visualize white light or the water traveling down from your abdomen to your feet where it drains out. Repeat for 10 minutes

    Acupuncture has also been known to help the frequency and severity of chronic headaches.

    Biofeedback teaches you to control headaches by becoming more alert of then changing particular bodies responses like muscle tension , heart rate and skin temperature.

    Meditation can help you relax your physical body and remain mentally calm. Meditation establishes a deep restful state where your breathing slows down and muscles become relaxed. Which helps you influence the pain and reduce stress.

    Massage by a therapist can be helpful if you have tight or tender muscles in the back of head, neck and shoulders.

    Herbs to make a tea with can be helpful. Ligusticum has been used for centuries as a Chinese herbal tea. Use two to three cups a day. It can be found through Chinese herbalist, health food stores, online and most acupuncturists offices. Do not confuse it with European lovage.

    Herbs fever few and butter bur may prevent migraines or reduce the strength of them. Do not use these if you are pregnant.

    Chiropractic spinal manipulation studies and chronic headaches have should evidence of adequate results to reduce the headaches. Also results showed that having spinal manipulation done does decrease the need for over the counter medications.

    You should always consult your physician before applying any alternative medicines or therapies.

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