neverwinter Storm Kings Thunder to Arrive on PS4 and Xboxone with astral diamonds free giveaway

neverwinter Storm Kings Thunder to Arrive on PS4 and Xboxone with astral diamonds free giveaway

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  1. XBox One and PlayStation 4 Neverwinter players will be getting a nice New Year present with the arrival of Storm King’s Thunder on January 17th. Players will find a new adventure zone, nautical travel, the extensive fishing mini-game, artifact weapons, treasure hunting and….giants. Lots of giants. Total 30,000K neverwinter astral diamonds Giveaway for Sea of Moving Ice at 03:00 AM on Jan 18, 2017 GMT.

    50 portions for PC, 50 portions for Xbox One, and the other 50 portions for PS4. Each portion is 200K Astral Diamonds.?

    The link:

    The threat of the Ring of Winter continues, leaving Neverwinter and its surrounding lands in peril, tasking adventurers to gather support against Jarl Storvald from the dangerous waters surrounding his stronghold of Svardborg. Sailing a new nautical vessel called the khyek throughout the zone, players encounter twists on familiar Neverwinter activities including a deeper fishing game with over 100 species to catch, and a hunt for giant relics to earn powerful artifact weapons.

    Now, the heroes’ quest leads them to the Sea of Moving Ice. Somewhere among the chilling waters and floating icebergs the frost giants have taken the Ring of Winter, preparing it to unleash an eternal winter upon the world. Artus Cimber, former keeper of the ring, still feels its pull and is certain the frost giant Jarl Storvald keeps it in his stronghold of Svardborg. Even the combined might of the heroes of Neverwinter and the Companions of the Hall may not be enough to take this icy fortress.

    The barbarian hero Wulfgar has rallied his people of the Elk Tribe to help battle the frost giants. But the local Ice Hunters have been enslaved by the frost giant forces and are harrying the heroes’ efforts at every turn.

    Will you dare the frigid waters to help end the threat of the frost giants? Be sure to check out the epic conclusion in Storm King’s Thunder: Sea of Moving Ice coming January 17 to PlayStation?4 and Xbox One!

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