Nightlife in Dublin, Ireland

Nightlife in Dublin, Ireland

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    The nightlife in Dublin, Ireland is filled with music and dance, and is especially lively around the pubs. If you’re looking for the beautiful side of the nightlife as well, be sure to visit some of the beautiful areas that offer scenic night pictures.

    Ha’Penny Bridge

    The beautiful and historical Ha’Penny Bridge overlooking Dublin’s River Liffey offers a beautiful nighttime scene with lights and a gorgeous long bridge that goes across the river. This will be a great photo opportunity for night shots as well as a lovely sunset over the distant hills.

    Musical Pub Crawl

    What better way to enjoy Dublin than the exciting nightlife at the pubs. The Musical Pub Crap is a lively pub crawl lead by professionals that take you to different pubs so that you can sing and dance the night away, while enjoying the different pubs in the Dublin area. You can enjoy it for under $20 for the entertainment, but if you want to get a lot more liquor, it will be more expensive.


    Be sure to visit the village of Killarney for a fun and exciting time. The town is most famous for its amazing lakes, but it’s also known for its lively pubs. The locals are friendly and cheerful , so you’ll feel right at home in the nightlife of Killarney.
    Much of what makes the nightlife in Dublin exciting are the music and dance festivals that happen around town. The pubs are always lively with a friendly crowd of locals, but you also want to partake in any festivals that are happening in the Dublin area. Ask around or inquire with your travel agent about any local events or festivities occurring around the time of your travel.

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