No Age, No Bar!

Incorporating exercise into your everyday life is often recommended. The benefits of doing so are endless. Also, once it becomes a part of your routine cycle, it sticks with you, no matter what you do or where you go. However, in recent times, modernization has left little space for activities like walking, cycling, and jogging. This is the main reason why people prefer going to a gym, the clubhouse or an activity center to get their daily share of a workout. An even better option for this is to workout at home. While most people may prefer a treadmill, learn yoga or simple stretches, planks or lunges, having good equipment can take your exercise routine to an incredible level and also help with faster results.

Khanhtrinhvn, a company that specializes in pull up bars of various sizes, for different individuals and as per varied requirements, is now open to worldwide shipping of their products. With a staggering experience of more than eight years in the field of fitness, the company has grown tremendously over the years and is now loved by individuals of all ages. The firm sells various free standing pull up bars for exercise, increasing one’s height, to cure ailments and other issues. The Vietnamese company is a subsidiary of the industry-leading KT Group. All in all, their core expertise lies in manufacture and distribution of high-quality home fitness equipment. Over the years, the team has received appreciation for their durable, economical and easy-to-use products that they have skillfully developed.

Coming to their products, Khanhtrihvn offers:

  • One-tiered folding free standing pull up bar for kids

  • One-tiered folding free standing pull up bar (height 55.1 to 70.8 inches tall)

  • One-tiered folding free standing pull up bar (height 59 to 78.7 inches tall)

  • Double-tiered folding free standing pull up bar for kids

  • Swing set with iron chair, chains and hooks

  • Swing set with plastic chair, ropes and hooks

  • Foam handle grips

Benefits of pull up bars:

  1. Bars make for an excellent exercise tool. They can easily fit in a small home or office space and are easy to shift as well.

  2. The Chin up bar is perfect for individuals of all ages and gender for regular everyday workouts.

  3. Pull up bars are perfect for those who suffer from lower joint pains and aches, however, it is crucial to take doctor’s recommendation before starting any new exercise, especially if you are a senior citizen.

  4. The bars are great for children and youngsters to improve height and are ideal for everyday workout activities.

  5. On regular use, the bars are known to help maintain one’s health, increase productivity and improve efficiency too. Going ahead, regular usage of the bar helps in eliminating everyday tiredness; treats back issues and helps in reducing spinal cord problems.

Currently, the company is also offering very good deals on its products. The details of all are mentioned in detail on their official website. Pull up bars are also recommended by medical professionals and make your everyday activities and workouts super-fun!

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