Numerology-July 1st

Numerology-July 1st

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  1. July 1st

    Numbers have meanings.  If we tune into these meanings, it can help facilitate your life to a higher sense of awareness.

    July 1st is the seventh month of the year and the first day of the month.  Seven symbolizes relationships with others and ourselves and how that relates to spirituality. 

    The first day of July.  The number one symbolizes new beginnings, new chances.  With the number one, there is a sense of newness and excitement as a new endeavor is started.

    Now let’s put them together.  We’ve got relationships, spirituality and new beginnings.

    On this day, let’s embark on a spiritual journey of a new beginning.  Let’s start a new relationship with ourselves.  If you prefer and if it fits in your life, go ahead and make this day a new start with someone in your life as long as it has a spiritual new start as the main component to this day. 

    This can take on several different meanings but here is my suggestion for this day, July 1st:

    Forgive Yourself.

    Let’s start a spiritual practice this day to forgive yourself for some circumstance or situation that made us regret something.  We all carry regrets and drawbacks.  We all wish we had done something different or said something in another way.

    Today is the day to say "up until now that (past situation) was true but today, I shift my perception and I forgive myself for any past regret.  What’s more….I start a new.  I forgive me.  Now is a new start.

    With the willingness to shift my perception just one degree, I can start a new beginning on this journey of life.  May all your hopes and dreams come true.

    Tune in later for my thoughts about July 4th.  Thank you for listening.

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