Numerology-July 4th

Numerology-July 4th

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  1. Hello!  And happy fourth of July to all!  July is the seventh month of the year which represents spirituality.   Four stands for building a solid foundation.  And on that day in 1776, the Declaration of the United States was written.

    Here is some writing that has a different take on July 4th.  I ask that you open your minds and think this possibly could have happened.  Or – maybe it should have happened.

    Imagine this:  It’s  1776, you left your country because you felt a strong need for independance.  You wanted a say in how you were treated by the government.  So, you left home and sailed to America with all the idealism you could muster.

    Having a strong sense of idealism along with seeking a new way of life you met a new culture of people, the Native American Indians.  These Indians had a different way of life and upon learning of their philosophy, you became brothers.  Brothers of spirit.  Brothers of thought.

    Listening and learning from your new found friends, you learned their philosophy on life and adapted it to your own philosophy.  When it was written down it was called the Declaration of the thirteen United States of America.

    It began, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal"

    Ahh…..just think of a new world that is created with these words…..

    On a personal note, today, July 4th, let’s think of a way we can build a solid foundation of our own spirituality.  Some ways to do this is to take five minutes a day and connect with spirit, our Creator, whoever you perceive that to be.  Five minutes of quiet time, a time of tuning in to ourselves.  And listening to what your soul has to say to you.

    Blessings from Anna Lynn.  Thank you for reading this.

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