old school runescape gold Raids, New Armours, Abilities and Much More!

old school runescape gold Raids, New Armours, Abilities and Much More!

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  1. Raids are finally here for all Runescape 3 old school runescape gold members. After the defeat of Tuska, a portal has opened on her back for a new world. Players can now explore the Mazcab’s shifting forest ruins as a solo player or with a team of ten players in raids. There will be many things to do when going though the portal of Tuska to the home of the goebies.


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    The improved Grouping System can be used to make a team up to ten players. After forming a group, you and your friends can take on the raids and fight two new bosses together. There will be many rewards to earn when fighting in the raids. Some of these rewards will be an all new level 90 tank Armour making this the most powerful in the game, and new tradable abilities for all three combat styles. These rewards really are amazing and worth getting. They really can be a big help when bossing and fighting other players.

    There are no requirements to participate other than being a Runescape member, so there’s no need to worry about leveling up skills and getting prepared. It is recommended having the best Armour and high combat stats. To start this, get a group of friends and head north to the magical barrier between the two goebies and enter to get started. You will adventure though the area using your teamwork skills to make it through two bosses. These bosses will be tough and will require everything that you have to defeat them. There are also Raid Feats for the brave raiders to fight together in. There are five per boss and completing all of them will unlock a title called the Daredevil.

    These are the most challenging fights in Runescape that you will ever see. Get ready and grab your gear and start fighting in the raids! Not everything is about the raid battles though, there is a strange alien world to explore and people to help out. The Nemi Forest is an ever changing forest that players can find hidden secrets within the area. The forest changes over time, and a pond completing it you will unlock hidden areas, XP rewards, lores, reputation, a new pet, and other rare rewards. When fighting a boss and looting it you can gain new tradable ability or the strongest Armour in game. After looting a boss it is locked and you cannot loot it again until you have waited two days. If you are owed rewards and have not got them yet you can speak to Fetcher outside of the Raid entrance to pick them up. Also outside the Raids entrance is a rewards vendor who will exchange Teci for Raids Armour and new abilities.


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    Animal magnetism(OSR)
    Another Slice of H.A.M.(OSR)
    Clock Tower(OSR)
    Elemental Workshop II(OSR)
    Heroes Quest(OSR)
    Lunar Diplomacy(OSR)
    One Small Favour(OSR)
    Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 8 : Awowogei(Monkey Ambassador)(OSR)
    Roving Elves(OSR)
    Underground Pass(OSR)

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