Omega 3 for Healthy Fur Coat

Omega 3 for Healthy Fur Coat

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  1. cat fur coatIf you notice that your cat has dandruff or flakey skin and a rougher coat, you should consider using Omega 3 for your pet. Older cats tend to groom a lot less, which can cause matted fur and other issues, including hairballs. In addition to the grooming issues, your cat will also experience dryer skin, which can lead to white flecks all over their skin that can flake off and be a general discomfort for your pet.

    Improving Fur Coats for Cats

    You should never give a cat Omega 3 directly. The best option is to include a diet of dry food with some wet food as an occasional treat. The dry food should ideally contain Omega 3 fatty acid to ensure that your pet has a much healthier coat.

    The Importance of Grooming for Older Cats

    As your cat ages, you need to keep in mind that they are not as deft at cleaning themselves as they were in their spryer days. The saliva from licking is what causes the allergies for humans that are allergic to cats, but it can be even worse if you don’t regularly groom your pet.

    As little as 5 minutes of grooming per day can mean an improved coat and less hairballs for your cat. If you have a long-haired or medium-haired cat, consider a slicker brush that will help remove the excess hair.

    Boar-bristled brushes are good at spreading the oils in your cat’s skin to the other parts, making for smoother fur and healthier skin. Focus on spreading the oils from the cheeks, forehead, and tail to give your cat the best grooming experience.

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