Online shopping – the new age mantra

Online shopping – the new age mantra

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  1. In the earlier late 80’s and the earlier 90’s no one would have thought that a shopping revolution to take U.S by storm. The evolution of a new trend – online shopping. The curve since then has shown an upward rise. The trend since then has ever increased and caught on.

    The online shopping industry today is a billion dollar industry. Almost everything thing that one can think of from household to luxury items, from technical to hobby related, from smallest to biggest of things , from perishable to non- perishables, everything is available on line. Not just tangible objects, one can also buy online advice on diets, potty training of babies, and tips to maintaining your personal life and so on. 

    The pros of online shopping:

    • For the consumers – with a dip in the economy – it is the comfort of ordering from your home, if possible the bed.
    • The savings of gas for making more than one trip to the local convenience store. The advantage of having the merchandise delivered to your doorstep, all for a few extra dollars.
    • In the age of multi-tasking, where time is the most expensive item, one can shop online while probably attending to an office chore.
    • It is equally advantageous and beneficial for the merchant. The foremost being low overhead cost. Some of them operate from there basement or simply the garage. The in-house warehouse as one would put it.
    • This for sure has a cascading effect of offering a better deals and bargains for the customers, resulting in site n shop loyalty.
    • Greater site visits and hits. The better the deal, higher the chances of  the word of mouth publicity.

    Online shopping has its cons too.

    • It is difficult to gauge the product from a picture. Some sites do not pay attention to the quality of the picture. Often when the customer receives the product ordered, they turn out to be unsatisfactory and have issues with quality.
    • It is a question of time before the consumer can be completely at ease with ordering from a site and being confident of receiving what is ordered. The question of security pops up as well. Though this has to an extent been covered by site security.
    • For those who like the feel of touch and are more on the picky side miss out the opportunity for getting an actual feel of the product ordered. This is more in the case of clothes where one needs to be sure of the size that one is ordering. 

    But in spite of the cons, online shopping today is the new age mantra to fast living. It sure helps to get you on the fast and the convenient lane with few clicks on the keyboard and the dexterity of the mouse movement. 

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