Ouch! Whats that pain in my neck?

Ouch! Whats that pain in my neck?

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  1. Maybe you’ve pushed the weekend warrior limits just a little too far or planted one too many flowers in your newly landscaped yard without taking a break. Maybe you figured one more round of golf to finish the vacation before the long drive home. Or it could have been that couch that your buddy needed help moving but he forgot to tell you about the two flights of stairs up to his new apartment. All you know is you woke up this morning with a nagging, burning sensation between your shoulder blades and you can’t turn your head without the pain lighting up the side of your neck like lightening in a summer thunderstorm. It’s also Monday, you’ve got a project deadline looming, two of your team members called in sick and you have to pick up the slack. More lightening, more thunder then the headache starts just about the time the school calls to tell you to pick up your child because she has a fever. Somewhere in the back of your mind under the layers of deadlines and lightening bolts shooting up your neck a dim light bulb of memory fires. Who was it that was complaining of a similar pain in the neck? They had finally gotten relief from several visits with a therapeutic massage therapist. Note to self – find the number of the therapist and make an appointment just as soon as you deal with a deadline, a sick child and the one thousand other things on your to-do list.

    Sound familiar? Did you seek help right away or were you too busy? Did you ignore the message your body was sending or was it a wake up call to take action? A therapeutic massage therapist is trained to assist the body in it’s natural healing process. The methods can vary widely among therapist depending upon their individual training and expertise. Their main goal is to break the body’s natural pain response to injury, increase circulation of blood to the damaged tissue and improve lymphatic flow to remove waste from the damaged tissue. The therapist achieve this through manipulation of the tissue to create a more relaxed state so the normal function can return and the body can heal the injury more efficiently with less restrictions and pain. The amount of time and number of visits with the therapist depends upon the extent of the injury and the ability of the client to assist in their body’s recovery while they are healing by following the guidelines of care at home. Each person is different, each injury is unique to that person so their plan of care must be tailored specifically for their special needs.

    Therapeutic massage is one of many tools a client can utilize to empower their body to heal injuries and maintain optimum health. Therapeutic massage is also used in competitive sports settings to help an athlete recover faster from the rigors of competition or injuries sustained in their sport. Whether you are a professional athlete, sustain an injury or suffer from the stress and strain of a busy, active lifestyle, therapeutic massage should always be a consideration in dealing effectively with pain.

    To find the right therapeutic massage therapist for your condition you have to do a little research. Ask friends or family for recommendations. Also check with other health care professionals, therapeutic massage therapists often work in conjunction with physicians, chiropractors and naturopath to address the many levels of pain in the body, mind and spirit. Once you have a therapist in mind call and discuss your particular condition. Ask if they treat conditions such as yours, what type of treatments would be involved, how many visits would be needed and the cost of treatment. Treatments by a massage therapist are not covered by all insurance plans and many massage therapist do not accept insurance, something to discuss with your therapist before your treatment begins.

    If you find yourself experiencing pain from a muscle injury and it doesn’t get better in a few days don’t ignore it. Conditions are much easier to treat when taken care of promptly. Long standing trauma or an injury that has been re-injured over and over is the most difficult to treat and takes the longest to attain lasting relief. So even if your life is full and you are use to thinking about everyone else but yourself, stop and consider the long term effects of doing nothing. The longer you stay in pain the longer it will take you to get relief from pain. Seek out a therapeutic massage therapist to assist you and your body in addressing the injury and begin your journey of healing and improved health.

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