Overview of Starbuzz Vintage Tokyo Spice

Starbuzz Vintage Tokyo Spice is back on sale, and it is a good time to talk about this unique shisha flavor from one of the finest brands in the hookah world. The 200g jar of Vintage Tokyo Spice from Starbuzz is available for less than $20. There is no other size available right now.

First Impression of Vintage Tokyo Spice from Starbuzz

Vintage Tokyo Spice comes in the standard 200g jar of Starbuzz, sporting the distinct iconography and design. The flavor uses dark leaf tobacco and contains spices, honey, orange, lime, and glycerin. As you open the jar, there is a nice and sweet aroma, not too strong or faint. The fragrance is refreshing but it would not fill up your entire room. The tobacco itself is neither too wet nor dry and flaky. It is a fine blend, easy to manage and load up your bowl.

Taste and Flavor of Starbuzz Vintage Tokyo Spice

As promised by Starbuzz, Vintage Tokyo Spice has a smooth texture and sweet flavor with a hint of lime. The citrusy note is not too potent, so you are unlikely to feel any intense tanginess. The same sense of balance prevails in the sweetness of the flavor. It is not overly sweet. Those who do not like excessively sweet and fruity flavors can very well find their favorite in the mild boldness of the Tokyo Spice.

It is quite interesting to note the flavor profile of the spices. There is a blend of spices, and Starbuzz is holding on to its proprietary formula, thus not sharing the exact names of the condiments. These are not spices that you would usually associate with foods. Tokyo Spice does not delve into the Mexican or Indian spices. The spices are more oriental, and they appear to have a sweet and citrusy profile instead of being overwhelming.

Starbuzz Vintage Tokyo Spice is a refreshing cocktail of flavors. There is no primary or secondary flavor. All the ingredients coexist in the blend, and you get one unified flavor that is smooth and exciting at the same time. This shisha flavor is palatable for everyone interested in a relaxed session of quality hookah.

Quality of Smoke with Tokyo Spice of Starbuzz

Vintage Tokyo Spice manages to sustain its flavor throughout an entire session. How rich and dense the smoke would be is obviously dependent on the quantity of tobacco you use for a session. Large bowls with sufficient stuffing and requisite aeration would last a long time. Every puff would be rich in flavor. The smoke can be made denser with some ice or cold water in the base. A lightly packed bowl reduces the boldness of the dark leaf tobacco. It can be fitting for a short session for one person. Vintage Tokyo Spice of Starbuzz can be smoked with other flavors. Although the shisha is blended and has an interesting mix, it can always be used with other bolder and also milder flavors of Starbuzz.

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