1. Pet grooming jobs require training and skills in order to keep pets well-groomed and healthy. It is not an easy job and it takes time, a solid educational background, patience and can provide a good living for those who choose this occupation.

    Often, pet groomers can get their training by apprenticeship from a veterinarian or an experienced groomer. Others can get their training from grooming programs, run by state-licensed schools. Certification is also required for this profession and can by received by taking an exam—an exam that is a written and practical exam. The job outlook for this profession looks promising but the salary is median—running about $22,000 a year.

    Some of the services that a pet groomer can offer are the following: bathing and blow-drying pets, cleaning the pet’s ears, cutting the pet’s nails, and brushing and clipping a pet ‘s ears. In many cases pet groomers can also schedule appointments and answer the phone, take down information concerning a pet’s behavior and disposition and talk with the owner concerning what he or she wants for the pet’s grooming.

    In addition, grooming services can be found at most kennels, veterinary clinics, animal shelter and pet-supply stores.

    The dog grooming profession is one where you need to love dogs because most dogs are wonderful and loving but there are some that are not lovable and easy to deal with. With dogs that are not so loving and adorable–that is where a dog groomer would need extra patience. Also, it is important that you not be allergic to dog hairs. Another important note about dog grooming is that throughout the day you will be required to lift dogs and some of them are quite heavy.  Also, when you are bathing a dog, the procedure is demanding and tiring and your hands at the end of the day will be dry and chapped. Of course, gloves can be worn but some groomers have said that gloves make the process more cumbersome and awkward.  And, carrying heavy dogs can also bring on back problems and carpal tunnel concerns. So, this is an area that needs thoughtful planning before entering this field.

    But, even with these negative qualities, the job can be quite fulfilling because most dogs are cute and wonderful to care for and can make the job enjoyable, rewarding and productive.

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