1. If you are a dog groomer, you know how important the grooming table is for the dogs, their pet health and the health of your back. However, if you just want to get a table in order to care for your own dog and grooming needs, there are some things you need to consider.

    Getting the most expensive elaborate table is not of utmost importance. As a new groomer, I used one of the cheapest but most versatile tables available but through the years, it did take a toll on my back. All I did was add support heights (about 6″ high) to each table leg for a taller table that was kinder to my back.

    The most popular grooming tables are the hydraulic tables, electric tables and the portable folding tables (like mine). Preference is in how much you want to spend. The hydraulic tables are wonderful and with just a foot pedal you can control how high or low you need the table at the time. Their price range is around $300 and come with the necessary tubular steel grooming arm and nylon noose for comfortable safe grooming of dogs.

    The electric table is the motorized version for the elite groomer in a price range of over a thousand dollars. It is however a wonderful table with every height preference at the push of a button, the top notch table with a dogs’ perfect pet health in mind. This rock solid table not only adjusts in heights but also in table size to handle small to large size dogs. Also comes with adjustable steel grooming arm.

    If money is an object in your life, the portable grooming table is still a perfect choice, and mine is going on over 20 years of grooming service. The top is a non-skid rubber mat for safety of your pet, has an adjustable grooming arm that is removable, with a loop to attach the grooming noose. This is a very well made table, which folds flat for storage or take with anywhere. This table does come in various table sizes for your dogs’ particular needs.

    Good luck looking for that perfect table to meet the needs of you and your dog. Shop around before making any final decisions. Aside from costs, the most important things to consider are your dogs’ pet health and safety during the grooming process, and the well being of your back.

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