1. An important part of being a canine “pet parent” is keeping the outer body in a good healthy condition through regular grooming. Not only does grooming remove dead hair and coat through brushing and combing, it removes mats as well as stimulates the blood supply to the skin for good pet health of your dog.


    Brushing and combing your dog at least once weekly is extremely important for the many pet health benefits that are provided. The skin and coat of your dog requires some special attention for good health and nutrition. Dogs with long coats must be combed often as well as brushed to keep mats at bay and stimulate healthy skin under their fur.


    A Bath time for your dog depends on you and your dogs’ particular needs. Many puppies get into a lot of mischief, just as children and may need more frequent baths. The adult short hair dog may need a bath once every month or two. If your dog gets dirty or begins to get that “smelly dog” odor, it is time for a bath. When bathing your dog, the most important tip is to be sure to rinse all shampoo well to prevent itchy, flaky skin and coat.


    Ear cleaning is a delicate, important but serious part of grooming dogs. Purchase a special ear cleaning solution from your local pet supply store. Take special care in cleaning within the ear canal slightly with a cotton swab and use cotton balls all around the outer section of the ear. It is advised that you speak with your veterinarian for proper techniques on cleaning the ears to prevent buildup of wax and possible infections and other pet health issues. 


    Nail clipping requires much patience and practice and should be done about once a month. Again, your veterinarian can show you the proper technique but it is not as scary as it seems as long as you start your puppy early and have the proper tools. Use a good set of clippers appropriate for your size of dog and have some gel or powder (from a pet store) nearby just in case a nail bleeds. This will stop it immediately with no harm. You may even want to purchase a special nail grinder that gently files the nail down.


    Brushing your dog’s teeth is an important part of a healthy regimen. A great idea is to brush the teeth when your dog is in the bath in case of a little “mess”. Start brushing the teeth when your puppy is very young to make it a fun and normal part of a routine. A child’s toothbrush will suffice and toothpaste can be purchased at your local pet store. Teeth brushing is imperative to pet health in order to avoid periodontal disease, very common in dogs.

    Grooming your dog may seem to be a huge task at first but with regular practice and routine, it will become a fun and healthy, happy bonding time for both you and your pet in between those professional grooming.

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