1. If you have a dog with lots of hair, keeping your home free from those tumbleweeds of fur is an unending job. If you ever consider grooming your own dog, the job is even harder as the hair gets into places you could never even imagine.

    Most vacuums will definitely do the trick as to picking up fur around the home, in all the nooks and crannies. What would be magical is a vacuum or an attachment to the vacuum that would collect the fur as it falls off of your pet. Now, that would be a dream comes true!

    You know how important grooming is for your dogs’ skin, coat and overall pet health. The ideal vacuum would be one that actually removes the dogs’ hair as it is being removed, before it hits the floor, furniture, clothes and more. There are several grooming attachments available that attaches to your regular vacuum hose. The most popular is the Bissell Shed Away Pet Grooming Attachment which allows you to quickly and easily remove shedding hair from your dog as you groom, providing good pet health. This universal adaptor will work on any dogs’ coat, is quick and easy with no messy clean up. Other units that are similar are Top Dog Groomer Pet Brush Attachment, Top Vac Petite Pet Brush Vacuum Attachment, Pet Grooming Curry Comb for Vacuum and many other products, per your price range and needs. Check the many products available on line.

    A great product, if you regularly groom your own dog and others, is the Metro-LAG Vac-n-Blo which works as a fantastic powerful grooming vacuum as well as a strong blow dryer for your dog. This super vacuum picks up everything from parasites, dandruff, loose hair and dirt, guaranteeing dogs’ great pet health. This vacuum can also be used as a blow dryer to dry the dog coat quickly and evenly, leaving a very shiny lustrous coat. This is a fantastic machine for groomers and pet owners alike for the health and well being of your dogs and family alike.

    Whatever your choice, there are many products available to serve your particular needs. Be sure to check all vacuum and vacuum attachments that are offered, keeping in mind the best value, quality and the job it does for your clean home, pet health and happiness of your dog, the family and home.

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