1. Consigning items does not necessarily mean that you have to specifically find a "consignment shop."  There are other places where you can consign items for resale.

    One such place is a restaurant that features antique items for decor. You can check with the owner and see if they would display your item with a price tag on it. This gives you maximum exposure for your item, and it gives the restaurant owner another antique piece to add to his decor. Sometimes, the owner will purchase the item.

    Another place to consign items is your local flea market. You can browse the flea market and find a booth that specializes in items that relate to yours. You can check with the flea market owner to see if you can get a number to contact the booth owner. You, then, can contact the owner and see if they will take your item on consignment.

    Consigning at a local flea market with someone who owns the booth will give you walk in business. However, remember that the booth owner is going to make money from displaying your item. It is essential that you check with them to see what the terms of consignment are going to be.

    In lieu of consignment, you can advertise your item in the newspaper. This saves you consignment fees, however, this is a slow way to sell an item. It involves your showing the item, answering inquiries, and haggling over price.

    Cars and large items can be consigned, also. You can usually get a business to let you park your vehicle that you are selling in their parking lot. Most of these require some form of payment for this service. This is especially helpful if the business is in a traffic zone and many vehicles pass by.

    Consignments are of great value. They afford the seller the opportunity to display the item without having to transport it to the new owner. This saves postage. The payment is guaranteed when sold. The agent usually gets the check, and forwards the amount due you. You do not have to take the risk of a bad check.

    When selling something, think about consignment. It is a win-win situation for most sellers.

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