Plus Size Skinny Jeans

Plus Size Skinny Jeans

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  1. The terms ‘plus size’ and ‘skinny jeans’ might sound like phrases from opposite corners of the fashion design world. The reality is, one style of skinny jean will not suit every body type, but there are two main skinny jeans styles to consider. Women of every size have the right to wear clothes that suit their preferences, and it is possible for almost anyone to look great while following fashion-forward trends.

    While some places, like Stylila, recommend other cuts of jeans for plus size women, plus size ladies can carry off the skinny jeans look when pairing the leggings up with the right top. Avoid wearing too-tight skinny jeans to avoid muffin-top, that roll of excess skin and flesh that sticks up over the waist when jeans are too tight. Wear a loose-fitting top, hanging down close to the hips to balance the look.

    Where to Wear Plus Size Skinny Jeans

    Plus size skinny jeans are apprpropriate anywhere you can go wearing casual-wear, and when paired with a dressy top can even be used as evening wear. A few examples of where you can sport the skinny leg jeans look are:

    • Shopping
    • Outdoor activities
    • School
    • Work if the dress code allows for casual clothing
    • An evening out with friends

    Different Types of Plus Size Skinny Jeans

    • Super-snug legs with no flare at all
    • Flared leg
    • Acid-washed
    • Ripped

    Skinny jeans can be snug-fitting all the way from the waistband to the ankle, or slightly flared in the calves. If the plus size skinny jeans will be tucked into a pair of puffy boots go for the snug-fitting ones. If the skinny jeans will be worn with shoes, get the ones with slightly flared legs. Be aware that flared-leg skinny jeans are not as wide as flared legs on regular cut jeans.

    Acid washed and ripped are terms referring to the denim finish. Acid washed skinny jeans will have white spots on darker fabric, while ripped skinny jeans will have holes and threadbare spots showing. The purposely ‘damaged’ fabric will usually be on the front of the thighs or the hip area of the jeans. 

    Skinny jeans are great for fall and winter because they look good with boots, and heavy sweaters and sweatshirts balance out the look.

    Where to Buy Plus Size Skinny Jeans

    You can score a pair of these jeans almost anywhere you would normally shop, but a few suggestions on where to look will help you get started.

    • Vintage and second-hand shops. Skinny jeans have been coming into fashion and going back out of fashion for decades, so it is possible to find really good deals on vintage plus size skinny jeans.
    • Big box department stores. Stores like Walmart, Target, and Meijer try to capture a share of any new fashion market, and the skinny jeans trend is no exception.
    • Designer shops. You can find skinny jeans in designer shops and boutiques, especially those stores catering to plus size women such as Fashion Bug Plus.
    • Internet stores and auctions. The Internet is flooded with small stores trying to capture a piece of the skinny jeans market. A basic search using your favorite search engine to look for plus size skinny jeans will result in a number of stores offering both snug-fit and flared-leg skinny jeans.

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