Is It Possible to Borrow Personal Loans with Bad Credit Score?

With rising inflation, Brexit impact and stagnant wages, borrowing personal loans with poor score is not a cakewalk in the UK. You need financial prudence and professional help to search for the unsecured loans. For, most of the main street lenders pose a lot of strict regulations for extending unsecured loans to borrowers with low score.

You would either need a loan guarantor or collateral to get approved of loan from popular lenders. However with the emergence of FinTech, thousands of loan providers have established a parallel financing support for people with low loan eligibility. You can avail tailored bad credit unsecured loans online. Despite low score and past repayment discrepancies, flexible deals are available for borrowers with rating issues.

For hassle free access to unsecured or personal loans you can search for specialized loan brokers who dedicatedly work for bad credit personal loans. You can type in a relevant search phrase such as unsecured personal loan broker or loan broker UK to get a list of top loan advisors working actively in the UK. You can visit the top results and compare the reviews. 


Make sure you choose an FCA regulated loan broker for the purpose. For, only regulated brokers are authorised to share credit advice or consumer credit products with borrowers. By contacting a loan broker you could be rest assured of availing a robust online support to reach out to the best of deals in the UK. 

Also according to the FCA guidelines no loan broker can contact or persuade a consumer to borrow loans. They can only act after you request them for loan assistance. Thus you should always be wary of any of the mails, calls or messages offering you loan help. For these could mere be direct lenders using marketing gimmicks or loan sharks hoping to approach their next victim. 

The safest way is to contact a regulated broker by filling a form on their website. As you share you credit needs, a loan expert would contact you via a phone call. They usually have state of the art systems to filter out the best deals around you. They will assess your credit repayment capacity and filter out relevant deals later on. 

You can compare and choose the best deal. While choosing a bad credit loan however you must keep following things in mind:

1. Unsecured loans with poor credit would cost you more than regular loans. Thus you must try to borrow small amounts for short term.

2. In case you need high ticket loans, consider using homeowner loan or other secured loans. 

3. Bad credit loans should be borrowed only when you can afford the repayments. It is advisable to have a repayment plan before applying for loan. Also you must strictly follow the plan through loan duration.

4. Irrespective of availability, you should never borrow more than what you need. 

5. Always opt for ease of repayment to ensure successful maturity of loan.

6. By repaying your loan on time today you can build good history and improve your score gradually.


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