Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

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  1. Your child is going to Kindergarten this year and you have many questions and concerns.  Whether you are the one nervous about your child starting school or he is showing signs of anxiousness—there are ways to make this transition go more smoothly for both of you.  Make this an exciting time for you and your child by knowing what to expect.

    Visit the School

    Most schools offer a Kindergarten orientation day when the child—along with mom and dad—can tour the school and classroom.  She will be able to meet her teacher, find her seat, meet the other children and sometimes even be able to take a little ride in a school bus for practice.  These days help tremendously in knowing what to expect.  If your school does not offer an orientation day, call and ask when a good time would be for you and your child to come and look around before the first day.  Most schools will be more than happy to let you do this.

    Schedule a Play Date

    If you do have an orientation day and are able to meet the other parents and children of the class, you can ask if they would like to get together somewhere for a play date.  Exchange phone numbers and schedule a place to meet.  This is a great way for the children to get to know each other before school starts.  Another great way to find some of your child’s classmates is by simply asking around.  When you are at your local playground, park or pool, introduce yourself to other parents and ask what their children’s ages are and where they go to school.  You will almost always find someone who has a child starting Kindergarten at the same school as yours by simply being friendly and asking around.  The other families are more than likely feeling the same way as you and will be happy to have found classmates of their child’s, as well.

    Go School Shopping Together

    As tempted as you may be to pick-up school supplies here and there while you’re out shopping, it is important not to do it without your child.  Include him in all decisions pertaining to his school supplies.  If possible, pick a special day for you and child to go shopping together and let him make all of the decisions regarding what he needs for school.  Let him pick-out his own backpack, lunch box, pencil box, sneakers, and clothes.  Giving him control over these choices will get him excited to start school and show-off all of his new stuff.  

    Communication is Key

    Talking with your child is the most important thing that you can do to prepare her for starting Kindergarten.  Be sure to ask her how she feels about it and what her concerns are—along with asking what she is excited about, as well.  Remain upbeat and positive and emphasize how much fun she is going to have.  The more you talk about it and plan ahead, the more excited she will be to begin this big milestone in her life.

    Resource:  Kindergarten Preparation

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