Projected Fashion Trends for Fall 2010

Projected Fashion Trends for Fall 2010

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  1. Autumn is just around the corner, which means it’s time to take a look back at February’s Fashion Week to determine what styles and colors are must-haves for this year’s Fall fashion season.

    Head-to-Toe Denim

    Yep, that’s right.  It looks like a few designers are actually trying to revive this early nineties fashion catastrophe.  Among others, both Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney featured denim-on-denim looks on the runway this year.  Designers did, however, re-mix this look for 2010.  Instead of the old-school head-to-toe denim in the exact same shade, the new look uses different color combinations.  This certainly won’t be a look that pleases everyone, but to each their own.  Please, just don’t let this become a gateway for bringing back acid washed mom jeans!

    Dark and Classic

    Black-on-black stands to be very popular this year.  Classic matchings of identical ebony tones were seen frequently on February’s runway.  This should please many women, as this look will always remain classic and sexy, and it flatters every figure.

    Color and Pattern Explosions

    Designers mixed drastically different colors and patterns this year.  It is definitely a year where anything goes.  In addition to pairing mismatched styles, we should also see lots of patches and bled colors.  The raw, exposed seams look is expected to trend as well, along with purposeful stains.

    What Colors Will Sizzle as the Weather Cools?

    Colors predicted to be hot this year are corals, reds, purples (especially orchid) and golden hues.  Beautiful colors from this past year that are expected to stick around are turqoise (which is expected to potentially be the hottest color of the season), rose, grey and dark brown.  Thank goodness for these gorgeous color trends, ladies are really embracing incredibly flattering and sophisticated shades. 

    Another look that is expected to remain at the top of the fashion chart is the oh-so-sexy animal print.  Expect leopard, zebra, snake and alligator print to appear in handbags and stilettos just as prevalenty as last year.  These looks make nearly every woman feel super sexy, so anticipate them to dominate the world of style for a long time.

    Also remember ladies, wear what you feel comfortable wearing.  The most stylish look of all will forever be confidence.              

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