1. “Life is Beautiful” – Directed by Roberto Benigni
    Five out of Five stars

    This movie is, simply put, fantastic. Foreign films are sometimes seen as alien in America, but with utmost certainty this movie should be on the list of anyone who has ever enjoyed a movie. With comedic and serious elements throughout this film will make everyone who is watching say the title several times as they laugh, “life is beautiful!”. Most definitely a movie to see several times over, and to tell others to view it immediately.

    The story is essentially a very quick witted jewish man, Guido, finds the woman of his dreams. From there they have an adorable son together. The story turns suddenly when the Nazi party begins to show it’s face, and they take him to a concentration camp with his entire family. While there, he hides his son and creates an elaborate game in which, the prize is a tank. 

    The Good: Very little is not done well in this movie. It is simply a good movie. The characters are broad, and believable. Not to mention also, that they are easily identifiable when watching and seeing exactly how they would react. At times you’re at the edge of your seat with Guido’s decisions and his lightning fast wit to protect his innocent son from the horrors of the camp.

    The Bad: Quite honestly the only thing that I can think of that might be considered even the slightest fault at all is the dubbing. And even there it is hard to even criticize. This is no Japanese Godzilla film, but there are certain bits and pieces that don’t quite fit. Which, frankly, is to be expected from a foreign dubbed film. It’s unavoidable.
    Secondly, the silliness of Guido seems over the top. But, this too is what makes the movie that much better and his character that much more fun.

    The movie is a success, by a wide margin. This film will have you hooked five minutes in and keep you there until the ending credits. Definitely one for the shelf, and constantly making a home in your DVD player. 


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